LOWELL, Ore. -- Rain, wind and cold may have been the story of the day for some crews, but for Humboldt State it was gold, silver and bronze as every member of the team left the Covered Bridge Regatta on Dexter Lake with a medal.

“I don't think I've ever been on a trip where every girl on the team has received a medal,” HSU assistant rowing coach Ashley Donnell said.

The less-than-desirable conditions provided for some tough racing on Saturday; however, a slight modification in the novice boats paid off for the Lumberjacks. Where the Jacks would normally race a second Novice 8, the ladies were split into two boats of four, each boat taking the gold.

“The exciting thing is that those aren't our 'A' boats,” HSU head coach Robin Meiggs said. “Those are the ladies we took out of our two novice events because we couldn't enter them here this weekend. I think that will help us gear up toward the championships.”

The women's Novice 4 A boat captured first place in its flight with a 2,000-meter time of 8:38.90, arriving at the finish line 24 seconds ahead of second place Lewis and Clark. The ladies of the Novice 4 B boat won their flight 14 seconds faster than second-place Portland State with a finishing time of 8:52.50.

The women's Varsity 8 brought home a bronze medal after its third place finish behind Portland and Western Washington. The V8 finished the race with a time 7:18.50.

“I think we had hoped to improve on Western,” Meiggs said. “This is a tough run for the V8 who went from Cascades in Tacoma, Wash. all the way down to San Diego and then back up here. They've had maybe a total of two days off in three weeks. What we saw was that Western beat us by just over eight seconds, which is huge. That's not what we wanted to see happen, but they have a very deep team.”

The Varsity 4 boat rowed its way to a second-place finish after a short delay in the regatta due to poor weather conditions. Mother Nature proved no match for them, who powered through a tough wind to come in just behind Western Washington. The V4 wrapped up the race with a time of 9:28.41 while Western Washington clocked in at 9:26.90.

The 2V8 closed out the race at 7:45.34, good enough to take home the bronze. The Jacks came in behind gold medal winner Portland A and silver medal winner Western Washington. The last third-place finish of the day came from the second Varsity 4, who rowed the 2,000 meters in 8:48.66, again behind Western Washington and Portland, respectively. In the last race of the day, the Novice 8 kept up with the medal-winning theme of the day by grasping the second-place finish with a time of 8:52.62.

“We have a young team and we're trying to keep it in perspective,” Meiggs said. “The race course is very hard. While the wind is the equalizer of all, it's the crew who can put their blades in the water, move the boat, and ultimately find they're out in front over the crews who aren't rowing very well. The ladies don't lack for any heart, that's for sure.”