INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – No. 1 Ohio State team made program history Sunday morning at Eagle Creek Park, claiming its first national team title after earning first-place finishes in the first varsity four and second varsity eight and a third-place finish in the first varsity eight.

The Buckeyes are the first Big Ten team to win an NCAA team title in rowing.

“It’s hard to put into words what it means to win a national championship,” Ohio State head coach Andy Teitelbaum said. “The NCAA championship is a tremendous regatta every year; the quality of racing and the margin for error is tiny. To be able to walk out of here with the NCAA national championship is unbelievably gratifying and really speaks to the athletes who’ve had a great year. This is something they’ve committed themselves to and remained committed to and it’s very gratifying as a coach to see a group of women work so hard together to achieve something of this magnitude.”

The first varsity four started the day for the Buckeyes by winning its second consecutive NCAA championship. The crew of Taylore Urban, Sara Handa, Chloe Meyer, Aina Cid-Centelles and coxswain Dara Schnoll crossed the line in 7:08.26 ahead of USC (7:11.02) and Washington (7:12.03).

The second varsity eight was the next Ohio State crew at the line. The crew of Daphne Socha, Katie Beletskaya, Silvia DeMatteis, Stephanie Johnson, Nicole Becks, Lauren Eckles, Samantha Fowle, Catherine Shields and coxswain Amanda Poll closed out the season with a perfect 12-0 record and an NCAA title after claiming its first NCAA championship in 6:27.86. The Buckeyes finished ahead of California (6:29.89) and Brown (6:30.14).

Competition wrapped up with the first varsity eight. The boat of Katie King, Cori Meinert, Eelkje Miedema, Ashley Bauer, Meghan Birkbeck, Allison Elber, Holly Norton, Claire-Louise Bode and coxswain Victoria Lazur placed third with a time of 6:23.19. California (6:21.42) and Princeton (6:22.59) finished first and second, respectively.