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Ohio State Athletics | May 17, 2014

Eight is great

ohiostate-640-5172014.jpg Ohio State's first varsity eight is unbeaten this season.

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- No. 3 Ohio State closed the regular season Saturday morning with eight wins at Belleville Lake in Ann Arbor, Mich., collecting four wins each against No. 17 Louisville and Michigan State.

The first varsity eight opened the first morning session for the Buckeyes as the boat of Aina Cid Centelles, Elodie Ravera-Scarramozzino, Eelkje Miedema, Ashley Bauer, Stephanie Williams, Claire-Louise Bode, Holly Norton, Catherine Shields and coxswain Victoria Lazur remained undefeated with its seventh win of the season after sounding the horn in 6:38.56 to defeat the Spartans (6.44.58) by nearly six seconds.

Next, the second varsity eight of Daphne Socha, Chloe Meyer, Nicole Becks, Lauren Eckles, Meghan Birkbeck, Anne Dietrich, Katie King, Taylore Urban and coxswain Alex Sawatzki earned its sixth win of the season, clocking in at 6:43.77 to finish 15.36 seconds ahead of Michigan State, which finished the race in 6:59.13.

Racing continued with the first varsity four. The Buckeye crew of Sarah Kessler, Anna, Ralph, Anna Gackowski, Katie Beletskaya and coxswain Sami Jurofsky continued the Ohio State win streak, picking up its fourth win of the season in a time of 7:33.40, nearly seven seconds ahead of the Spartans who finished second after crossing the line in 7:40.34.

In second varsity four competition, the Buckeyes sounded the horn in 7:40.40, nearly 20 seconds faster than Michigan State, which placed second with a time of 7:58.98. The crew of Sarah Peffley, Audrianna Penza, Sytske Miedema, Kelsey Albrinck and Sarah Asad earned its sixth victory of the season with the win.

The third varsity four closed varsity racing in the first session, as the crew of Anne Fruth, Jillian Getz, Bridget Verdeyen, Anna Lind and coxswain Megan Mahoney earned a second-place finish with a time of 8:02.51. Michigan finished first after crossing the line in 7:51.92 while Louisville finished third after crossing the line in 8:18.64.

The first novice eight of Kelsey Hoehn, Samantha Rhodes, Grace Moeller, MaryClare Stannard, Ana Sinicariello, Casey Schaffer, Emily Markham, Lindsey Steinbauer and coxswain Danielle Figliuolo also earned a second-place finish, posting a time of 7:40.14 to place eight seconds behind the Spartans (7:31.70).

Ohio State finished third in the second novice eight. The boat of Samantha Peterson, Sarah Davis, Allison Rudolph, Kelly Ann Baird, Allyson Baker, Leila Salhi, Jamie Kuhlman, Alina Tiber and coxswain Danielle Macklin finished the course in 7:54.63, behind first-place Michigan (7:47.82) and second-place Michigan State (7:51.76).

The second session started immediately following the first. The Buckeye first varsity eight picked up its second win of the day against Louisville, closing its race in 6:54.95 to finish nearly 15 seconds ahead of the Cardinals, who finished the race in 7:09.46.

Following the first varsity eight, the second varsity eight also earned its second win of the day. The crew sounded the horn in 7:08.87 to defeat the Cardinals (7:26.50) by just under 18 seconds.

In varsity four competition, the first varsity four defeated Louisville (8:21.66) by over 22 seconds after earning a time of 7:59.08, while the second varsity four earned its second win of the day after closing its race in 8:12.93, more than 33 seconds ahead of the Cardinals (8:46.76). The third varsity four notched a second-place finish, posting a time of 8:38.25 to finish behind Michigan (8:25.13) but ahead of Louisville (9:05.78).

The first and second novice eights closed the day of competition for the Buckeyes, each placing second in their respective races. The first novice eight finished less than a second behind the Cardinals (8:22.07) after crossing the line in 8:22.84, while the second novice eight posted a time of 8:40.98 to finish second behind first-place Michigan (8:35.32) but ahead of third-place Michigan State (8:56.97).

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