Feb. 28, 2010

Day One Recap | Day One Results | Day Two Results

Courtesy of EISA

Hancock, VT: Logic would predict that the last carnival and Eastern Championships would be somewhat of a summation of the season. Indeed it was, with Dartmouth taking first, UVM second, while Middlebury and UNH duked it out for third.

On the first day the weather varied from blinding snowstorm to blinding sunlight. Despite these impediments, Middlebury put on a grand show today at both venues. Students were out in force, cheering for their home team. Speech, movement, and thought seemed strangely impaired for the alpine spectators. However, volume was not.

At the Rikert Touring Center the University of Vermont Classic meister Franz Bernstein once again showed his superb form, taking the win with a time of 31 minutes and 36 seconds for the Men's 10k classic course. Williams' Dimitri Luthi pulled off a spectacular race to place second with a time of 32 minutes and 13 seconds. Following Luthi by just two and a half seconds was St. Lawrence's Eric Wolcott who also had a standout race and placed third. On the Women's side Dartmouth's Katie Bono blazed an 18 minute and 23 second time for the Women's 5k Classic win followed by teammate Ida Sargent who clocked in an 18 minute and 36 second run for a second place finish in fickle conditions. Clare Egan showed up the EISA schools with a third place time of 18 minutes and 48 seconds for Wellesley College.

On the demanding slopes of the Middlebury Snowbowl the soft course proved a challenge with size that had to be seen to be believed. What didn't need to be seen to be believed was David Donaldson's win in the Men's Slalom with a total time of 1:33.01, slicing through the course with his trademark aggressive yet smooth style. Eighty-Five hundredths back, home favorite Bobby Poehling took the second spot on the podium while the University of New Hampshrie's Paul Atkinson took the third spot with a 1:34.04. On the Women's side it was the University of New Hampshire's Veronique Archambault-Leger who pulled a win out of the hat, posting the winning combined time of 1:35.75. Following her was Dartmouth's Kelsey Roddick with a time of 1:36.08 and the Leger's Wildcat teammate Marie-Elaine Lepine who punched in a 1:36.35 for third.

On the second day, a western parent remarked that it felt like Sun Valley, and indeed it did. With temperatures rising and the sun soaring the day was certainly one of the more pleasant we've had. The crowd was much less raucous this day and parents seemed relieved that their lives would soon return to a normal schedule.

The University of Vermont's Franz Bernstein crushed the competition in the 20k Skate Event with a 59 minute and 40 second time. Next up was Wyatt Fereday hailing from Colby with a one hour and one second time followed by Middlebury's Patrick Johnson who skied an hour and eleven second time, despite breaking a ski. For the women it was Ida Sargent who took the lead in the Women's 15k Skate with a 50 minute and 21 second time. Fittingly for the last eastern race of the season, two fellow Dartmouth skiers followed. Rosie Brennan and Sophie Caldwell clocked 50 minutes and 39 seconds and 50 minutes and 42 seconds respectively.

Over at the Snowbowl it was the University of Vermont's Bryana Park who took the day with a combined time of 2:08.48 for the Giant Slalom. Following was teammate Megan Ryley with a 2:08.61 while the University of New Hampshrie's Veronique Archambault-Leger took third with a 2:08.77. On the men's side the University of Vermont's David Donaldson took the win with a combined time of 2:03.94 while Dartmouth's Ace Tarberry took second with a time of 2:04.07. Donaldson's Catamount teammate Robby Kelley took third with a 2:03.83 time.