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Alderson Broaddus Athletics | February 15, 2017

Shavon John-Brown wins Grenada Footballer of the Year Award

  Alderson Broaddus' Shavon John-Brown was announced as the Grenada Footballer of the Year Award winner.

On Wednesday, Alderson Broaddus' junior forward Shavon John-Brown was named Grenada's Footballer of the Year award for the 2016 season. The award is given to the most valuable player in the country for the sport of soccer. Previous winners of this award include: Sharlie Joseph, formerly a player for the New England Revolution; and Jason Roberts of Wigan and Blackburn Rovers. The official announcement was made at Grenada's Sportsmen and Sportswomen Award Ceremony.

John-Brown won the award based on outstanding contributions for Grenada in the CFA Cup qualification matches. He scored two goals against Puerto Rico in the qualifying rounds of the World Cup. In his junior season campaign at Alderson Broaddus he scored nine goals and had six assists playing in all 20 games, starting 19 of them. Grenada's sports journalists also recognized him as the top soccer player on the island.

Alderson Broaddus men's soccer coach had this to say about his top player, Shavon John-Brown. "Shavon is not only a special player but a special student and phenomenal teammate. He has not received any of his accolades without ridiculous amounts of hard work and belief in him from his teammates. He will be playing for one of the top professional development league teams in the country this summer, the Charlotte Eagles. Hopefully he can continue to build his name and have a legitimate chance at being picked up in the next MLS or USL draft."

And additionally, "Shavon is a player with great potential and with the correct attitude, temperament and commitment to learn, he can become one of the best to have emerged from the Island of Grenada. We are hopeful he will continue to play the game after leaving the university and also wish he can be spotted by one of the scouts in the MLS."