Dec. 3, 2010


Notre Dame Head Coach Randy Waldrum

I am extremely proud of the way the team played. We had some concerns early but they made adjustments. The second half was very reminiscent of the typical Notre Dame teams that fans are used to seeing.”

On Ohio State

Ohio States two forwards up front gave us trouble early but we were able to make adjustments.”

On the similarities to the 2008 team

There are lots of similarities talent-wise. We [the 2010 team] probably have more speed, but are every bit as good.”

On playing freshmen

Im not one of those coaches that believes in bringing them along slowly. I want to put them in right away so they can get experience early in the season.”

Freshman Midfielder Mandy Laddish

It feels really good to score a goal in my first Final Four game. Its an amazing feeling that I can help my team get to the national championship game.”

On the shot

I noticed the goalkeeper starting to cheat towards me so I tried to shoot high because I figured the goalkeeper would dive for it. Once I knew I had the last defender I decided to shoot.”

Junior Forward Melissa Henderson

We came on a lot a lot stronger in the second half, and put more pressure on the goalkeeper.”

On her shot

I was frustrated when my shot went off the crossbar, but I knew that we were getting good pressure on the goalkeeper and would get another opportunity.”

On freshmen scoring

Its awesome to know that you have those great players around you that can put them in the back of the net.”

Junior Defender Jessica Schuveiller

Weve been talking about attacking all season and once we get one goal were going for the next one. You can never be satisfied with just one goal.”

Ohio State Head Coach Lori Walker

Im so proud of the squad and the season theyve had and the things this team and this program have accomplished. We always talk about extending the season as long as we can, until you run into a great opponent and I think Notre Dame handed us some things tonight that was very difficult for us to sort through.”

On strategy for the game

If we can rewind the first 45 minutes of the match, it was pretty even. It was the tale of two halves in the second half. I know what our Achilles heel is, and penetrating on the dribble through the middle was the one thing that if they did that, we did not have an answer for. When youre playing against a great coach, thats their job, to find that, and he did. Im very proud of what we did during the first half. I thought we kept a good rhythm and created some decent chances. Our disappointing piece was that we did not get to end line as much as we needed to. I dont think weve had a game all season where we were shutout on corner kicks and thats been one of our strength.”

Junior Goalkeeper Katie Baumgardner

On Notre Dame goal

We had a lot of situations where they were driving down the middle of the field and that causes our defense to collapse. In this case our defense got crossed up a little bit and they were able to place it a little wide and she was able to sneak it into the post. I tried to cover as well as I could but it ended up going a little higher than expected.”

On late save

As a goalkeeper you get feelings throughout the game about what kind of shots are going to happen. I did feel that a lot of crosses were going to happen, and they did. That one in particular came out on the ground and not many of them had done that. So I just did my best to recover to the far post and just went for it. Luckily I was able to get my leg on it.”

Junior Forward Paige Maxwell

On shot that hit off the post late in the game

I got robbed! It was our turn to get robbed. They got robbed a few times. The soccer gods were not in our favor on that one. I just tried to play with everything I had. I didnt care if there were 10 seconds left, I was going to get to that ball. I just wanted to get that ball in there. I was hoping it would go in. It just landed right on the outside. I was trying to fight for the team. I just got unlucky.”

On first time being at the college cup

It was just another soccer game to us. It was a beautiful place and a welcoming place. There was a little bit of nerves but more excitement than anything. If we did have nerves we were going to put it in the soccer field and work harder. We were just trying to do the best we could to get rid of those nerves, but to me it just felt like another soccer game.”