INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA Division I Championships/Sports Management Cabinet, during its conference call on June 24, approved a standardized date formula for the Women’s College Cup to ensure that the women’s final will always be the weekend before the men’s championship.

The cabinet approved a “standardization of date formula” that puts the Women’s College Cup on the first full weekend in December – Friday to Sunday – even if Dec. 1 should fall on a Saturday, as it does in 2012.

Beginning in 2012, the Women’s College Cup will take place the first weekend in December. In years where Dec. 1 falls on Saturday, it will count as the first weekend of the month with competition taking place on Friday and Sunday. The 2012 dates for the semifinals and finals of the Women’s College Cup are Nov. 30 and Dec. 2.

Cabinet members also approved a 1-2-1-2 format for the 2011 women’s championship. The first weekend of the tournament will consist of first-round matches at 32 sites. The second and third rounds will be held the next weekend, with four teams competing at eight sites. Quarterfinal matches will be at four sites over Thanksgiving weekend, followed by the semifinals and finals on the Friday and Sunday of the next weekend.

Men’s soccer proposal not supported
Cabinet members defeated a proposal from the Division I Men’s Soccer Committee that would have waived the requirement that officials work at least six Division I men’s soccer matches to be considered for postseason assignments.

The cabinet expressed concern that the recommendation did not contain an overall requirement for officiating Division I games (men or women) and that, absent such a requirement, consideration of professional soccer events worked could adversely affect development of men’s collegiate soccer officials.