Brittany Godin | College of Saint Rose | Sr. | MF

• College or pro sports? College
• Favorite athlete: Alex Morgan
• Favorite pre-game meal: Chicken and Pasta
• Favorite topping on a pizza: Pepperoni
• Favorite pro sports team: Manchester United
• Favorite TV show: Grey’s Anatomy
• Strangest nickname you have: Britty G
• Facebook or Twitter? Facebook

What do you want to do when you graduate?

Go to graduate school and become a physical therapist.

Who is your mentor and what is the most impactful thing they have taught you?

Mom and Dad taught me to never give up and always give your very best.


Alyssa Rhodes | Central Missouri | Sr. | MF 

• Reality TV or sitcom? Reality TV
• Country or city? City
• Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
• Secret talent that no one knows about you: I can juggle not only with my feet, but with my hands
• Lucky number: Number 10, even though I’m 6 in soccer
• Movies or TV? TV, as long as it’s been recorded so I can fast forward commercials
• Road trip or flight? Flight, so much quicker
• Winter or Summer Olympics? Summer
• Favorite food: Mexican
• Greatest strength you bring to the team: my competitive motivation
• Favorite hobby: sleeping

What is your proudest moment?

Whenever I give constructive criticism to one of my teammates and they really try to take what I have to say and implement it during practice.


Erin Mruz | Grand Valley State | Sr. | MF

• Favorite ice cream flavor: Chocolate moose tracks
• Place most like to travel: Venice, Italy
• Latest read: The Last Lecture
• Favorite class: Kinesiology
• Favorite sport besides the one you play: Volleyball
• Favorite food: Chipotle
• Three words to describe you: Quirky, outgoing, intelligent

What is one game you’ll never forget and why?

I will never forget the 2009 national semifinal game.  My team gave up two goals in the first five minutes of the game against one of the top-ranked defensive teams in the nation that had yet to give up more than one goal in a game all year. I scored a momentum-changing goal a minute later to make it 2-1. With seven minutes left, Jaleen Dingledine scored to tie the game at 2-2. I will never forget her celebration after scoring and it gives me chills to this day. Kristen Eible scored five minutes into the first overtime to send us to the national championship game.  


Tara Malkiewicz | West Chester | Sr. | D 

• Favorite coach: Mike Krzyzewski, Duke
• Last song you heard on your iPod: Headlines by Drake
• Favorite ice cream flavor: Cookie dough
• Favorite TV show: Grey’s Anatomy
• Lucky number: 17
• Celebrity crush: Chris Brown
• Most surprising/embarrassing song on your iPod: Hannah Montana
• Mountains or beach? Beach is home!

What is a quote that you live by?  

Fall down seven times, get up eight!

What’s something that few people know about you?  

I have a twin sister, who is my best friend, and she plays soccer at East Carolina.

What is your best team memory? 

Sprinting to celebrate our penalty kick shootout win in the 2010 PSAC tournament championship game – best feeling in the world.


Tori Fish | West Florida | Jr. | D/MF

• College or pro sports? College
• Favorite pre-game meal: Mac n Cheese
• Cat or dog? Dog
• Last song you heard on your iPod: Bye Bye Bye by NSync
• Favorite topping on a pizza: Hawaiian and canadian bacon
• Favorite pro sports team: Dallas Mavericks
• Lucky number: 22
• Strangest nickname you have: Tor
• Movies or TV? Movies
• Facebook or Twitter? Twitter
• Favorite food  Big juicy cheeseburger

What do you want to do when you graduate?

After I graduate I would like to go into sports entertainment and work for ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, etc., as a sideline reporter. Sports have always been a huge part of my life, and as I grow up I do not want that to change. 


Hannah Wissel | Northern Kentucky | Sr. | MF 

• Favorite pre-game meal: Bagel and peanut butter
• Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint chocolate chip
• Place most like to travel: Costa Rica
• Lucky number: 7
• Strangest nickname you have: Little Bill
• Celebrity crush: David Beckham
• Road trip or flight? Road trip
• Favorite restaurant: Cheesecake Factory

What’s your favorite thing to do off the field/court/etc.?

When I am not playing soccer I love being with my family and friends.  When we have an early practice on Saturdays I love getting to go home and spend the day with my family. That is one of the main reasons I chose NKU. I wanted to be close enough to home that my family could come watch me play, and I could go home when I wanted a good home-cooked meal! 


Alyssa Barrett | Slippery Rock | Sr. | MF

• Reality TV or Sitcom? Reality TV
• Favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate chip cookie dough
• Place most like to travel? Spain
• Latest read? The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
• Favorite class? 2D Animation
• Favorite TV show? The Office
• Strangest nickname you have? Dori, like the fish from Finding Nemo

• Celebrity crush? Justin Bieber

What makes a good teammate?

A good teammate is someone who you can depend on, trust and respect...someone who believes in the team ideals and works hard to uphold them. They get along with the team and work hard whether it be in practice or in the final minutes of a championship game. To me a good teammate is someone that I know will be putting in a maximum effort...someone that lifts the team when heads are down.


Brittany Rainbow | Florida Tech | Sr. | D

• Favorite athlete: Kelly Slater - He is amazing!
• Place most like to travel: Hawaii
• Latest read: Heaven is for Real
• Lucky number: 7. I was born on 7-7, and when I set my alarm clock, the time I wake up has to end in a seven.
• Strangest nickname you have: Everyone at Florida Tech calls me “Rainbow.” It sounds pretty strange when my teammates yell “Rainbow” on the field because most of the opposing players do not realize it’s my last name.
• Favorite superhero: Batman, because he is the only superhero without any superpowers.
• Mountains or beach? Definitely the beach. I have grown up near the ocean, and I love surfing.

What is your best team memory?

Traveling to Kentucky last season for the national quarterfinals with my team and seeing snow for the first time. The morning we saw snow, we all ran outside to enjoy it and throw snowballs at each other.