Keri Shannon
Sr., M, Wheaton

Katherine Garrett

Sr., GK, Trinity (Texas)

Erin Waehner

Sr., GK, Ohio Northern

Guilty pleasure TV show? The Office ... I secretly wish I was part of that show. Wheel of Fortune ... I'm a nerd. Teen Mom ... I get so caught up in their lives.
Interesting nickname you've been given? Sanka (from Cool Runnings) KG or Katherine H. Garrett -- my middle name is Ellane so it was a little strange. Frincess -- Erin doesn't come up on T9 (predictive text) and I can be a bit of a princess.
Favorite food to cook?  Chocolate-covered strawberries; my hands get all messy. I really love to make stew and baking different kinds of bread. I love to bake and try out new desserts.
Celebrity you've been told you look like? Shirley Temple, because of the curly hair. Mandy Moore and Hope Solo Emma Stone
Who would you want to shadow for a day? Billy Graham Paul Farmer My future self -- it would be interesting to know where I end up.