California vs. Florida State: Post Game Notes and QuotesMay 18, 2007

Cal Quotes: Head Coach Diane Ninemire Opening Statement: I thought that was a fantastic game we played today. It was a great team in Florida State. I give Florida State a lot of credit because they never gave in and kept fighting back. Our team did a really great job of scoring runs after runs and keeping the pressure on them. I was really proud of the effort of our pitching staff today as well as the effort of our hitting team today.We did a really good job.

On scoring 10 runs in the third inning: You wait for an inning like that all of the time. You hope you can get that on a regular basis. It isnt surprising from this team because I have seen it before this year when we have been able to score a number of runs during the course of an inning and score a lot of runs in a game. I knew this team had that potential and I was just hoping that they would bring their best. These girls have really pulled together. They are really playing well.

On the 10-run inning relaxing the team: It gets the nerves out. Every time you play your first game at regionals your nerves can get in the way, especially with a young team. I felt our team had a lot of composure today even when we got the 10 runs. Florida State did a great job of chipping away, getting a run here and two runs there. They certainly didnt throw in the towel. I was really pleased that we were doing some positive things. Even if we didnt score runs, we were getting people on base. I really preach that to my team. You have to try to win every inning. If you dont score runs, do something to keep the momentum on your side. I believe our team today did a great job all seven innings of staying in the game and not just sitting on that 10- run lead. Gina (Masaniai) did a great job today going 4-for-5.With that home run at the end it really took a lot of wind out of their sails.

Katie Vickers On scoring with the bases loaded in the 10-run third inning: I was just excited because they put a new pitcher in. Bernice (Masaniai) and Gina (Leomiti) have been coming through all season long. I was glad I could contribute and knock them in. It felt awesome. It always feels good when we have an inning like that.

Gina Leomiti On sustaining offense through entire game: I think that it is very important that we keep doing positive things and are moving forward. It keeps our team pumped up.

Notes: " The 10 runs in the third inning were the most by Cal in a single inning this season. " The 13 runs in the game are the most in Cals postseason history. " In the game, Cal broke season records for runs scored (320) and for RBIs (276). " Diane Ninemire now has 889 victories at Cal. " Cal is now 5-1 all-time against Florida State. " Cal has won nine of its last 10 opening games in regional play since 1998.

Florida State Quotes Head Coach Joanne Graf: Opening Statement: Obviously I think the third inning when they scored their 10 runs was kind of a disastrous inning. Thats probably the worst inning Ive seen our pitchers throw in I cant even tell you how long, its been that long. I think that hurt us. Obviously I think that was the main inningthat (3rd) inning. But I was real proud of how we came back.We battled and if we hadnt had that inning, who knows what would have happened, but you know youve got to play it on the field and youve got to play all seven innings. They won that one big.

On the runs FSU scored, did it make her feel like they were getting closer, cutting the lead and coming back? I did, but they kept coming back. It was kind of like, wed get a couple, theyd get one.Wed get a couple, theyd get two. So I think they did a real good job answering back whenever we kind of mounted a rally.We never gave up. The kids stayed in and fought hard.

On if she told team to start the fourth inning and build on it: Yeah, pretty much.We just said we built ourselves. I still feel like that. We beat ourselves by letting them score that many runs. So basically, what we told them pretty much was, now weve got to win a doubleheader tomorrow and a doubleheader on Sunday. And thats kind of how were approaching it now is youve got to win two games each day to keep your season going. So well play the loser of this game (UA vs. TT) and well play whoever loses the 11 oclock game. I think were still in it because, again, whoever is even in the winners bracket, we will only play one more game than they do. And were conditioned for that. The conditioning part is not going to be an issue as we just mentally have to want it and weve got to believe we can do it. So (its) just trying to let them know, hey, youre still not that far from it in a four team regional. Youre still in it.

Veronica Wootson: On that 10-run inning: Cals a good hitting team, and so they were just going at it, and I honestly couldnt tell you what was up. But I think, like coach said, we had a good comeback.

On putting this game behind and moving on to Saturdays game: It is a tough loss for us. But we have to move on.We do have to move forward to our next game and I guess its whoever the loser is of the game thats going on right now. But well bounce back. Im pretty sure well bounce back and be okay and be ready for tomorrow.

On whether there was a point in that 10-run inning where she wondered if it would ever end: For them to score that many runs in one inning, it is pretty tough being out there. But you still have to support your pitcher. You have to tell everybody, you know, keep your heads up, eventually this inning is going to end and, like I said, we had an awesome comeback. And its hard to do when you are down by that many runs, but Im proud of my team.

NOTES " First pitch of the regional was at 3:33 p.m. CDT " Worse loss by FSU since 1995. " Florida State is now 1-5 all-time against Cal.

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