Massachusetts vs. Long Island: Post Game QuotesMay 18, 2007

Long Island Opening Statement, Head Coach Roy Kortmann
"We battled. We had a gutsy effort. It comes down to defensive plays. Both teams gave up runs on the defensive side. We just didn't get enough. We had some opportunities with key kids up and didn't get it done. Jenny pitched outstanding. It was a good effort, we'll go from here. From the defensive side, we need to get some forces and try to make things easier on us."

Jenny Giles on the adverse weather conditions
"I was left out in the cold, we've had some beautiful weather in New York lately. I had to keep battling each inning because my teammates were battling at the plate and in the field for me. I had to go out there and give it my all."

Coach about falling behind in the game
"We talk about this all the time. We need to separate from it, stay in the moment. It's over. Get to the offensive end and try to make something happen and leave the bad stuff behind us. We did a pretty good job of being us."

Coach about the catcher substitution
"Both our catchers bring different things to us behind the plate in terms of arm strength, blocking ability, plays to the plate. We've done it for a short period of time and it's been working for us. You play to your plate. The way softball rules are set up, you're allowed to do that, so it worked for us."

Massachusetts Opening Statement, Head Coach Elaine Sortino
"I thought it was an epic war between two teams that fought very hard and very well. Somebody was going to win and somebody was going to lose and I thought that they showed up and did what they needed to do, and our kids just held on with some patience and came up with the big hit at the end of the game."

Candice Molinari's thoughts on the game winning hit
"I was just trying to put a hard ground ball past the infield. I knew that they were going to be pinched in, so I was just looking for a ball that I could handle... I was just trying to get on top of the ball, put the pressure on them, make them make the play. I knew that Stacey [Cullington] was coming up behind me so I didn't feel that much pressure, just trying to get a good piece."

Brandice Balschmiter's feelings and emotions about the game
"I did alright. I was hoping that we would have this kind of weather. I am from New York, I am used to this kind of weather so I just wanted to keep going with it...I am going to ice my arm though tonight... The intensity was picking up, I was trying to calm it down, keep everyone calm and keep the energy going because a couple of those calls could have gone either way, you never know what could happen."

Whitney Williams' thoughts on her "home run"
"I was getting really tired, running around, sliding at each base, getting back up. I just saw the ball flying everywhere and heard people yelling 'go, go, go!' so I just started running my heart out trying to get to the next base and be safe."

Whitney's thoughts on her first tournament game
"It was my first tournament game. I didn't know what to expect but I knew that it was going to be tough and that we were going to have to play with everything that I had, so I just came in with intensity knowing that we would have to fight for our win."

Brandice's thoughts about pitching with people on base
"I put myself in that situation in practice all year, because I knew that we were going to make it to the postseason and was going to be a situation that I was going to have to pitch in. It was especially important for me to come in, bear down, and do it for the team."

Team thoughts on Oklahoma
Candice- "They are going to be a great team, it is going to be a dog fight. We know a little bit about them but we want to come into the game playing our game and hopefully it will go our way."

Brandice-"I honestly don't think that I have looked at their batters, I just want to go into it blind and go at them."

Coach's thoughts on Candice being in that situation at the end of the game
"Candice has great plate discipline and she normally goes with the small ball game but she does have that capability to come up with some game winnings hits with us in similar situations so she was the right player to have in that place at that time."

Coaches thoughts on Brandice pitching tomorrow
"I am not worried at all. Brandice probably throws 400 pitches a workout. It is not like a baseball player, she will have whatever it takes to go. She is disciplined. I thought that she threw her best pitches when her back was to the wall I thought that she threw pretty good stuff and jammed them when she needed to."

Challenge ahead tomorrow against Oklahoma
"Great teams are in the National tournament. Oklahoma is a great team. We are going to have to take better care of the ball and come up with some timely hits and obviously we are going to have to have a great game on the mound from Brandice."

-Courtesy UMass