Ohio State 2, Virginia Tech 1May 19, 2007

Linda Kalafatis, Ohio State head coach

On Virginia Tech
"We are two very similar teams. We did a good job of staying on top of her (Angela Tincher) pitches and we kept her below her strike out average. We did a good job of not striking out too much and putting the ball in play. She struck us out nine times, but that is well below her average."

On the game
"We did a good job of battling in the box. I think that we started to coast in the later innings but we were able to hold on. We played so late last night that today it seemed like a morning game even though it started at 1:00."

On Virginia Tech
"They have really been under-rated all season long but I think that we have been too."

Nycole Koyano, Ohio State senior shortstop

On Ohio State's game plan
"We really wanted to stay off her (Angela Tincher) rise ball. She tends to throw it outside of the zone. We thought if we could stay off or on top of her rise ball we could be successful. And we wanted to put the ball on the ground as much as we could because if we could get a couple runs, Kim (Reeder) has had success against them."

On scoring first
"That takes a lot of pressure off. That's one of our goals - to score first."

Jamee Juarez, Ohio State senior pitcher/third base

On pitching
"It was a tight strike zone, for both teams, but you can't let that effect you. Some pitchers might let that get to them but I smile and stay with it."

Kelsey Hoffman, Virginia Tech center fielder

On the call of fair or foul ball in the sixth inning that went against Virginia Tech
"It looked good, but the umpires call the game so we have to go with what they say."

On the game
"It just didn't fall our way. It just didn't happen today and hopefully for the next game it will."

Angela Tincher, Virginia Tech junior pitcher

On the game
"I thought we played well. Ohio State just took advantage of a few opportunities. We did have a tough second inning, but overall I thought it was good."

On pitching
"This weekend was a lot tougher than we were used to. I had to pitch different and had to change my locations. It's been tough all year, but lately it has been more. He (the umpire) just wasn't calling and if it would have been wider I would have had more confidence."

On Ohio State's hitting
"They are a good hitting team. Luck went their way today. They've seen us twice this year so they knew what to expect."

Scot Thomas, Virginia Tech head coach

On the fair or foul ball that went against the Hokies in the sixth inning
"It looked good to me, but I would say that anyway. With everybody's reaction I thought it was in. I was already waving Steph around, so that is how long it took to calm everybody down. I did think it was fair, but I didn't have the best angle."

On the game
"Ohio State took advantage of our mistakes and that was good on their part. They have been taken advantage of teams errors. We talked today and knew we would have to minimize mistakes. They just took advantage of them. We did come back and fought. We had runners on and then the infield single to get a run. The biggest thing though was Ohio State just took advantage of mistakes like they have been doing."

Postgame Notes - No. 21 Ohio State 2, No. 13 Virginia Tech 1 ... May 19, 2007

- The Buckeyes are now 33-5 this season when they score first.

- The win Saturday was Ohio State's 40th of the season, marking the program's fourth 40-win season.

- Weather: Mostly cloudy and 64 degrees at first pitch. Slight wind out to right.

- Ohio State is now 2-2 all-time against Virginia Tech and 1-0 against the Hokies at Buckeye Field.

-Courtesy Ohio State