Georgia Casey
So., IF, Oklahoma

Mackenzie Popescue
Jr., P, Arizona State

Jaclyn Crummey
Sr., OF, Michigan
Marlee Gabaldon
So., UT, Texas
Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Instagram Twitter #twitterallday Twitter
Talent few people know? I can count to 100 in Japanese. Great makeup artist I can name all original 150 Pokemon. Rapping and drawing
Coach's favorite saying? Be women amongst girls. Days off are for the weak. Throw it to his good eye!!!!!!  "Ab-so-lute-ly" very drawn out
Last song you heard on your iPod? Luke Bryan on Pandora Until the World Ends by Brittney Spears Mirrors by Justin Timberlake Pitch Perfect soundtrack
Celebrity crush? Luke Bryan Charlie Sheen  Channing Tatum Beyonce



Ensley Gammel
Sr., OF/DP, Florida

Bryana Walker
Jr., P, Washington

Dawna Tyson
Fr., IF/DP, Nebraska
Lauren Gibson
Sr., IF, Tennessee
iPhone or Droid? Team iPhone, for sure! iPhone iPhone iPhone
Best dancer on your team? Briana Little and Kelsey Stewart Whitney Jones  Me Hannah Akamine
Favorite ice cream flavor? I have two! Chocolate and Cake Batter  Peanut Butter Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake Vanilla
Greatest strength you bring to the team?  Experience (nickname GamGam) and a big heart. I'm a good paper editor.  I make our team free. Power
Mountains or beach?  Every girl loves a nice tan! Neither; I prefer the city life.  Mountains ... free spirit. Beach