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Courtney Martinez | | April 20, 2016

DIII softball game interrupted by strange "dust devil"

This is one of the strangest things at a softball game - or anywhere - we are ever likely to see.

During a doubleheader Saturday between the Lynchburg Hornets and Bridgewater Eagles, the teams had to dodge what looks like a dust tornado that popped up out of nowhere in the top of the second inning at Moon Field.

This is real and is called a dust devil, which commonly occur in dry places, such as the desert. Here's Lynchburg weather anchor Will Stafford explaining the science behind the dust devil:

Lynchburg fans in Virginia probably aren't used to seeing those quite often. The players appeared to have handled it well though and play eventually continued as Lynchburg swept Bridgewater in the DIII doubleheader, 10-0 and 9-1.