Day 1 QuotesMarch 15, 2007


Bryan Lundquist & Matt Targett, Members of 200 Yard Freestyle Relay Champion team, Auburn
On setting the record twice:
Its pretty awesome and impressive performance. I have had 1.14:99 on my water bottle all year as our goal and to beat that was pretty impressive. I was surprised we even beat that so it was great, Lundquist said.

On all legs sub-19:
I guess it was expected. People have gone under 19s in relays before, but Cielo going sub-9 was pretty crazy. It was unexpected, but we never thought it was really going to happen until recently, Targett said.

On Cesar Cielos record-breaking start:
Thats Cesar. Hes the best; obviously he showed that twice today. Its tough to keep up with, but it is fun to have somebody like that to chase in practice. He is truly world class, Lundquist said.

Larsen Jensen, 500 Yard Freestyle Champion, USC
On being third- fastest man ever in the 500 free
Obviously its a good feeling. I am excited at how my training has been going the last few weeks and coming to NCAAs with my team and doing the best I can. I am looking forward to going out to Melborne to swim in the World Championships.

On returning the 500 free title back to USC
Its definitely good to have it back at SC and to have Peter Daland give the award made it even sweeter. Under a new head coach some people might have had their doubts in terms of what our distance capacity was under Coach Dave Salo. A lot of people view him as a sprint coach, but I think we settled that one; that he can coach anything. Its a great program and over the next few years I expect a national championship.

On the fast swims:
NCAA is always fast and this year is no exception. Its great to see so many guys under 19 in the 50 and its great to have the records go down. Thats what records made are for, to be broken.

On the win:

Terry Horner, 1 Meter Diving Championship, Florida State

It was awesome; absolutely awesome. I came here and dove the best I could and I dove great. I have no complaints about what happened. Its just amazing.

On Representing Florida State:

I am so glad I was capable of doing this. I have trained all year, really really hard and it paid off for me.

Matt Grevers, Mike Alexandrov, Kyle Bubolz, Bruno Barbic, 400 Medley Relay Champions, Northwestern

On Northwesterns first relay win since 1932:

I feel like it has been a long time coming; ever since Mike and I sophomore year. We have been in the lead after the third leg before, but we just needed someone like Bruno to come in and finish us off. Its really a great feeling of accomplishment, Grevers said.

Cesar Cielo, Member of 200 Yard Freestyle Championship team and 50 Freestyle Champion, Auburn

On recording top 4 times ever:

It feels great. Before today I was just trying to break 18, but to break it four times and be one of the fastest guys in the states was one of my dreams. It feels great to reach this level.

On whether the pool or the tape helped with fast times:

I think it was a little bit of both. I was really dedicated the whole semester and the coaches were helping me a lot. I think my teammates were pushing me all the time in practice and I think that everything that has happened helped me a lot. The final result is just a little bit of everything and it feels really good.

Adam Ritter, 200 Yard IM, Arizona

On being third fastest performer in 200 Yard IM:

Thats some select company. I know Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte are the two guys ahead of me and those are guys Those are two guys I have looked up to and I havent got a lot of chances to race, but obviously those are the two best IMers in the world, so to be mentioned in the same sentence as them is an honor.

On Arizonas first ever 200 IM title:

I think thats great. Some people right us off as mainly a freestyle school; obviously are women are very good at IM also, so I am glad that it really shows the versatility this program has. We have a great coaching staff that specialize in different strokes and with all them working with me this is just the result of it.

Auburn Head Coach David Marsh

On the days events:

it was a really amazing day of sprinting for the guys. I saw that happening during some of the sprint training they did this year and they were just incredibly competitive day-to-day.

On Cesar Cielo:

Cesar is a phenomenal talent and comes from an ideal background where he was an aerobic athlete and as he grew in strength and growing into manhood, so his strength is jumping on him. At the same time he hasnt lost his form and at the end of the day he is fiercely competitive. A lot of the commonalities champions have, he had before he arrived at Auburn. Having a school like Auburn support him, I think has been a more or less ideal situation for him.

-- Courtesy Minnesota