USA Swimming and the NCAA have partnered to keep track of all Division I, II, and III performance times. By utilizing USA Swimming’s SWIMS database, which records times for USAS members, college coaches and swimmers are now able to search for their best times, event rank within the NCAA and even look up team rosters. Included below are some important documents for your information.

The Psych Sheet Report below shows the invited swimmers with their events in which they achieved an automatically qualifying "A" cut standard or an invited "B" cut standard above the dotted "invite" line and their optional event "B" cut times below the line.

The Invited Swimmers By Team Report below shows each athlete that was selected by team, and lists the events they were selected in. It does not include optional events. Please see the Psych Sheet to view all optional event entries.

Division III Men's Official Psych Sheet
Division III Men's Swimming Invited Swimmers by Team
Division III Men's Meet Alternate List

Division III Women's Official Psych Sheet
Division III Women's Swimming Invited Swimmers by Team
Division III Women's Meet Alternate List

For full selections, visit USA Swimming.