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Wayne Cavadi | NCAA.com | January 17, 2019

These programs have won the most DII men's swimming and diving national championships

Queens (NC) wins the 2018 DII Championship

Bucknell captured the first NCAA DII swimming and diving championship in 1964, defeating East Carolina by a score of 83-50. Surprisingly, only 11 programs have won a DII national championship in the 54 years since thanks to a run of some highly successful dynasties.

Let’s take a look at which programs have the most DII swimming and diving titles.

13 — Cal State Bakersfield

NCAA Photos Cal State Bakersfield has more DII men's swimming and diving titles than any other program.

The Roadrunners had a run of 12-straight years in which they won the national championship or finished national-runner up, including an impressive eight consecutive titles between 1986 and 1993. Cal State Bakersfield simply owned DII swimming and diving for 22 years between 1985 and 2006, finishing first or second 21 times over that span.

12 — Drury

NCAA Photos Drury has won 12 DII men's swimming and diving championships.

While the Roadrunners may have one more title, the Panthers 10-straight national championships between 2005 and 2014 is the longest streak in DII swimming and diving history. Drury also has five national runners-up and has been a perennial threat for the title since 1997.

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9 — Cal State Northridge

They sure know how to swim and dive on the west coast. Cal State Northridge comes in third, finishing as national champion or runners-up every year between 1975 and 1986. The Matadors won in bunches, reeling off three titles in a row from 1977-79 and five in a row from 1981-1985.

5 — Oakland

Here’s an interesting fact about Oakland. The Golden Grizzlies have more national runners-up campaigns (10), than titles, making them more of an unheralded DII powerhouse. Oakland won its first title in 1980 and then finished national runner-up in nine of the next 13 years before winning for titles in a row from 1994 to 1997.

4 — Queens (NC)

The Royals are the modern dynasty, winners of the last four national championships. Queens (NC) made its first NCAA nationals appearance not long ago in 2010 and finished 21st overall. The Royals slowly moved up the ladder until breaking through in 2014-15, and has not looked back since.

Here's the complete list of DII swimming and diving national champions.

2018 Queens (N.C.) Jeff Dugdale 558 California Baptist 307 Greensboro, NC
2017 Queens (N.C.) Jeff Dugdale 563.5 Drury 350 Birmingham, Ala.
2016 Queens (N.C.) Jeff Dugdale 449 Lindenwood 299.5 Indianapolis
2015 Queens (N.C.) Jeff Dugdale 433.5 Drury 417.5 Indianapolis
2014 Drury Brian Reynolds 569.5 Wayne State (Mich.) 358.5 Geneva, Ohio
2013 Drury Brian Reynolds 546 Florida Southern 397 Birmingham, Ala.
2012 Drury Brian Reynolds 473 UC San Diego 400 Mansfield, Texas
2011 Drury Brian Reynolds 600.5 UC San Diego 345 San Antonio
2010 Drury Brian Reynolds 538 Incarnate Word 403 Canton, Ohio
2009 Drury Brian Reynolds 543 Wayne State (Mich.) 504.5 Houston
2008 Drury Brian Reynolds 523.5 Missouri S&T 336 Missouri S&T
2007 Drury Brian Reynolds 665.5 North Dakota 485 Buffalo, N.Y.
2006 Drury Brian Reynolds 649 Cal State Bakersfield 543.5 Indianapolis
2005 Drury Brian Reynolds 726 Cal State Bakersfield 480 Orlando, Fla.
2004 Cal State Bakersfield Bob Steele 718.5 Drury 586 Buffalo, N.Y.
2003 Drury Brian Reynolds 612 Cal State Bakersfield 535 North Dakota
2002 Cal State Bakersfield Bob Steele 529 North Dakota 507 Orlando, Fla.
2001 Cal State Bakersfield Bob Steele 621 Drury 562.5 Canton, Ohio
2000 Cal State Bakersfield Bob Steele 687 Drury 630 Buffalo, N.Y.
1999 Drury Brian Reynolds 829 Cal State Bakersfield 557 Buffalo, N.Y.
1998 Cal State Bakersfield Bob Steele 730 Drury 637 Ashland
1997 Oakland Peter Hovland 767 Drury 623 San Antonio
1996 Oakland Peter Hovland 869.5 Cal State Bakersfield 640 North Dakota
1995 Oakland Peter Hovland 890 Cal State Bakersfield 573 Canton, Ohio
1994 Oakland Peter Hovland 791 Cal State Bakersfield 718.5 Canton, Ohio
1993 Cal State Bakersfield Ernie Maglischo 951 Oakland 549.5 Canton, Ohio
1992 Cal State Bakersfield Ernie Maglischo 910 Clarion 481 North Dakota
1991 Cal State Bakersfield Ernie Maglischo 853 Oakland 652 Milwaukee
1990 Cal State Bakersfield Ernie Maglischo 830 Oakland 686 Buffalo, N.Y.
1989 Cal State Bakersfield Ernie Maglischo 571 Oakland 406 Buffalo, N.Y.
1988 Cal State Bakersfield Ernie Maglischo 397 Oakland 344.5 Buffalo, N.Y.
1987 Cal State Bakersfield Ernie Maglischo 479.5 Oakland 246 Long Beach, Calif.
1986 Cal State Bakersfield Ernie Maglischo 549 Cal State Northridge 438 Orlando, Fla.
1985 Cal State Northridge Pete Accardy 488 Cal State Bakersfield 417.5 Orlando, Fla.
1984 Cal State Northridge Pete Accardy 319.5 Oakland 226 Hofstra
1983 Cal State Northridge Pete Accardy 352.5 Oakland 347.5 Long Beach, Calif.
1982 Cal State Northridge Pete Accardy 444 Puget Sound 244.5 Clarion
1981 Cal State Northridge Pete Accardy 349 Oakland 338 Youngstown State
1980 Oakland Ernie Maglischo 312 Cal State Northridge 263 Youngstown State
1979 Cal State Northridge Pete Accardy 384 Oakland 170 Northern Michigan
1978 Cal State Northridge Pete Accardy 304 Chico State 282 Springfield
1977 Cal State Northridge Pete Accardy 326 UC Irvine 305 Youngstown State
1976 Chico State Ernie Maglischo 428 Cal State Northridge 283 Springfield
1975 Cal State Northridge Pete Accardy 277 UC Irvine 210 Cleveland State
1974 Chico State Ernie Maglischo 285 UC Davis 227 Long Beach State
1973 Chico State Ernie Maglischo 262 UC Irvine 212 Wayne State (Mich.)
1972 Eastern Michigan Mike Jones 222 UC Irvine/Cal State Northridge 164 Washington & Lee
1971 UC Irvine Ed Newland 242 South Florida 176 Springfield
1970 UC Irvine Ed Newland 230 Springfield 166 Oakland
1969 UC Irvine Albert Irwin 248 Kenyon 190 Springfield
1968 Long Beach State Don Gambril 349 Texas-Arlington 216 Emory
1967 UC Santa Barbara Rock Rowland 255.5 UC Irvine 246 Commerce, Calif.
1966 San Diego State Bill Burgess 243.5 San Jose State 213 Illinois State
1965 San Diego State Bill Burgess 168.5 Long Beach State 147 Illinois State
1964 Bucknell Robert Latour 83 East Carolina 50 Grove City
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