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Wayne Cavadi | NCAA.com | January 17, 2019

Here are the DII women's swimming and diving programs with the most national championships

Queens (NC) wins the 2018 DII Championship

Cal State Northridge defeated Vanderbilt for the first DII women’s swimming and diving championship in 1982. The Matadors took a brief hiatus before winning three more titles in a row in becoming one of seven programs to win multiple national titles in the 36 years since.

Let’s take a look at the programs with the most DII women’s swimming and diving national championships.

10 — Drury

Drury dominates to win the 2014 Women's Swimming & Diving Championship

Not only has Drury won the most titles, but the Panthers have also been national runners-up 11 times. Drury first won four in a row from 1997 to 2000 before finishing runner-up in the next six championships. The Panthers got back to their winning ways in 2009, winning five of the next six titles.

7 — Truman

NCAA Photos Truman dominated the DIII women's swimming and diving championship in the 2000s.

Seven of those national runners-up finishes Drury had came at the hands of Truman. The Bulldogs owned the early 2000s, finishing with the title or in second every year from 2000 to 2008. Interestingly enough, Drury won its seven titles with three different head coaches at the helm. Seth Huston won the first two with Collen Murphy winning the next three in a row, and Mark Gole closing out the run. Huston’s 2002 team was the only one in DII history to break 700 points, defeating Drury 733-548.

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5 — Oakland

The Golden Grizzlies have five titles, and they all came in a row. From 1990 to 1994 Oakland earned the national championship. Its first title was one of the narrowest margins in DII history, holding off Cal State Northridge by four points for the 423-419 victory. Wayne State (Mich) won its lone title in 2012 with a 497-496 victory over Drury for the tightest championship ever. 

4 — Queens (NC), Cal State Northridge

NCAA Photos Queens (NC) has won the last four DII women's swimming and diving championships.

What CSUN started, Queens is working on finishing. The Matadors won the first DII title in history, finishing first or second in seven of the first nine championships. The Royals have won the last four. Queens has defeated Drury for three of its four titles and appear to be back in contention for No. 5. 

3 — Clarion

The Golden Eagles were the first dynasty of DII women’s swimming and diving. They won the second, third, and fifth DII championship in history, defeating three different teams as runners-up in doing so. 

Here’s a complete list of the DII women’s swimming and diving champions. 

2018 Queens (N.C.) Jeff Dugdale 574.5 Drury 401 Greensboro, NC
2017 Queens (N.C.) Jeff Dugdale 467 Drury 385 Birmingham, Ala.
2016 Queens (N.C.) Jeff Dugdale 567 Wingate 364.5 Indianapolis
2015 Queens (N.C.) Jeff Dugdale 540.5 Drury 489.5 Indianapolis
2014 Drury Brian Reynolds 486 Queens (N.C.) 368.5 Geneva, Ohio
2013 Drury Brian Reynolds 432.5 Wayne State (Mich.) 388 Birmingham, Ala.
2012 Wayne State (Mich.) Sean Peters 497 Drury 496 Mansfield, Texas
2011 Drury Brian Reynolds 483.5 Wayne State (Mich.) 388 San Antonio
2010 Drury Brian Reynolds 657 Wayne State (Mich.) 531 Canton, Ohio
2009 Drury Brian Reynolds 618.5 Wayne State (Mich.) 453.5 Houston
2008 Truman Mark Gole 461.5 Drury 449 Missouri S&T
2007 Drury Brian Reynolds 646.5 Truman 518 Buffalo, N.Y.
2006 Truman Mark Gole 664 Drury 505 Indianapolis
2005 Truman Colleen Murphy 579.5 Drury 530 Orlando, Fla.
2004 Truman Colleen Murphy 641 Drury 561 Buffalo, N.Y.
2003 Truman Colleen Murphy 682 Drury 410 North Dakota
2002 Truman Seth Huston 733 Drury 548 Orlando, Fla.
2001 Truman Seth Huston 656 Drury 610.5 Canton, Ohio
2000 Drury Brian Reynolds 663 Truman 556 Buffalo, N.Y.
1999 Drury Brian Reynolds 613 North Dakota 603.5 Buffalo, N.Y.
1998 Drury Brian Reynolds 578.5 Cal State Bakersfield 386 Ashland
1997 Drury Brian Reynolds 690.5 Oakland 490 San Antonio
1996 Air Force Casey Converse 697.5 Oakland 625 North Dakota
1995 Air Force Casey Converse 690 Oakland 563 Canton, Ohio
1994 Oakland Tracy Huth 630 Air Force 454.5 Canton, Ohio
1993 Oakland Tracy Huth 609 Clarion 406 Canton, Ohio
1992 Oakland Tracy Huth 621.5 Northern Michigan 475 North Dakota
1991 Oakland Tracy Huth 566 Florida Atlantic 404 Milwaukee
1990 Oakland Tracy Huth 423 Cal State Northridge 419 Buffalo, N.Y.
1989 Cal State Northridge Pete Accardy 397 North Dakota 280 Buffalo, N.Y.
1988 Cal State Northridge Pete Accardy 441 Tampa 285 Buffalo, N.Y.
1987 Cal State Northridge Pete Accardy 349 Clarion 274 Cal State Chico
1986 Clarion Becky Rutt Leas 433 Tampa 343 Orlando, Fla.
1985 South Florida Bill Mann 492 Cal State Northridge 380 Orlando, Fla.
1984 Clarion Becky Rutt Leas 345 Cal State Northridge 260 Hofstra
1983 Clarion Becky Rutt 308 Air Force 299 Long Beach, Calif.
1982 Cal State Northridge Pete Accardy 391 Vanderbilt 324 Truman

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