#1 Stanford 4, #8 Georgia 1

May 20, 2005

ATHENS, Ga. - Top-seeded Stanford defeated eighth-seeded Georgia, 4-1, this afternoon at the Dan Magill Tennis Complex at the University of Georgia. The Cardinal and the Bulldogs were in the final stages of the doubles point when a downpour halted play on the outdoor courts, but Stanford went inside, won the doubles point and then took three singles wins to clinch the match.

On the outdoor courts, Whitney Deason and Theresa Logar gave the Cardinal a 1-0 lead in doubles play with an 8-3 victory over Natalie Frazier and Jitka Schonfeldova on court three before the storm moved in. Amber Liu and Anne Yelsey won their last three games on court one to take a 6-5 lead into the delay, while Alice Barnes and Erin Burdette owned a 7-4 advantage. Once the match began inside, Barnes and Burdette broke Evgenia Subbotina's serve in the final game to win on court two, 8-4.

With only four indoor courts, Liu, Barnes, Burdette and Logar began singles play, while Deason and Yelsey waited in the wings. At court three, Caroline Basu finished first, taking a 6-1, 6-4 victory over Burdette to tie the match score at 1-1. Liu put the Cardinal back on top with a 6-4, 6-2 victory, and Logar finished moments later with a 6-4, 6-1 win at court four.

With Stanford leading 3-1 and Barnes in a tight contest with Natalie Frazier at the two spot, Deason and Yelsey each took the court. After fighting back from a 5-3 deficit in the first set to win a 7-4 tiebreaker, Barnes took the second set 6-4 to clinch the match for Stanford. Deason and Yelsey were both leading 4-3 in the first set of their matches when Barnes finished.

Stanford (25-0) has now won 54-straight matches and 10-consecutive NCAA duals, and the Cardinal is 27-1 in NCAA Tournament action during head coach Lele Forood's tenure.

Stanford will face off against either No. 12 Clemson or No. 13 North Carolina in the semifinals tomorrow at 11 a.m. The Tigers won doubles before the rain moved in, and play has resumed on the outdoor courts.

No. 1 - Amber Liu/Alice Barnes (Stanford) lead Shadisha Robinson/Caroline Basu (Georgia), 6-5, susp.
No. 2 - Alice Barnes/Erin Burdette (Stanford) lead Evgenia Subbotina/Kelley Hyndman (Georgia), 8-4
No. 3 - Whitney Deason/Theresa Logar (Stanford) def. Natalie Frazier/Jitka Schonfeldova (Georgia), 8-3
Order of Finish: 3, 2
Stanford wins doubles point

No. 1 - Amber Liu (Stanford) def. Shadisha Robinson (Georgia), 6-4, 6-2
No. 2 - Alice Barnes (Stanford) def. Natalie Frazier (Georgia), 7-6 (7-4), 6-4**
No. 3 - Caroline Basu (Georgia) def. Erin Burdette (Stanford), 6-1, 6-4
No. 4 - Theresa Logar (Stanford) def. Kelley Hyndman (Georgia), 6-4, 6-1
No. 5. - Whitney Deason (Stanford) vs. Evgenia Subbotina (Georgia), Did Not Finish
No. 6 - Anne Yelsey (Stanford) vs. Jitka Schonfeldova (Georgia), Did Not Finish
Order of Finish: 3, 1, 4, 2
**Clinched Stanford win


Stanford 4, Georgia 1

Georgia Head Coach Jeff Wallace
We just didnt get the job done. Stanford played well. When singles started, it was close. We were up in four first sets, but Caroline was the only one who won. Stanford finds a way when its crunch time to get through it.

Weve got a young team and we did a lot of great things this year. We also competed today against the best team in the country and did a heck of a job. As a coach, I cant complain. We learned a lot this year and the future looks bright.

Georgias Natalie Frazier
I think I played all right. Alice is a great player. I think I fought as hard as she did, but I missed some opportunities. Alice is such a fighter. I knew it would be a great match, and even though I lost I enjoyed playing against her.

Stanford Head Coach Lele Forood

We hadnt really practiced inside. Playing inside is different, the court is harder and faster, but the outdoor courts are fast, which helped prepare us a little bit. This was a tough match regardless, it couldve gone either way. I feel like we really grabbed the momentum by coming out and getting those first sets. It really helped us to seize the momentum.

Im proud of our girls. Theyre great fighters. Our players take pride in trying to win every time they step on the court. They feel like they need to win every game and that has helped us on this streak.

It was nice to get our Nos. 5 and 6 on the court today. It was important for them to get on today. They may be important in later rounds and it was great for them to get out so they could feel like they were a contributing part of the team.

Stanfords Alice Barnes

Mine and Natalie [Fraziers] styles are very different. I was somewhat worried when we moved indoors because I thought the faster courts would favor her style of hitting hard and flat shots. I was happy to get off the court when I did. I did not fancy going to 5-5.

Our team has a lot of confidence. Everyone talks about the streak but weve had tough matches during that period. We just know that no matter what, no one will stop fighting.

-- Courtesy Stanford