May 8, 2009

Courtesy Wheaton (Ill.) Athletics

St. Peter, Minn. - The last time the  Wheaton College women's tennis team faced University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, the Warhawks eked out a 5-4 victory in Wheaton back in October.

The two nationally-ranked teams faced off again on the big stage at the NCAA Division III Tournament on Friday. But this time, Wheaton turned the tables with a 5-0 win over UW-Whitewater in the second round of the NCAAs.

The No. 20-ranked Thunder improved to 18-4 on the season and advanced to the regional final at Noon on Saturday. The No. 18-ranked Warhawks finished their season with a 23-4 record.

In their last meeting, UW-Whitewater took two of the three doubles matches and split all the singles matches to emerge with the win. On Friday, it was Wheaton who took the early advantage and won all three doubles matches to stake themselves to an early advantage.

After Jordan Hook and Sara Federschmidt won their respective matches at No. 1 and No. 6 singles, the Thunder officially clinched the win and moved on to the third round.

Wheaton College 5, UW-Whitewater 0
May 8, 2009 at St, Peter, Minn. (Brown Outdoor Tennis Complex)

Singles competition
1. Jordan Hook (WHEAT) def. Kalla Schaefer (UWW) 6-4, 6-1
2. Ingrid Stensvaag (UWW) vs. Elizabeth Worsowicz (WHEAT) 4-6, 3-3, unfinished
3. Annie Smith (UWW) vs. Brittney Dunn (WHEAT) 5-7, 6-1, unfinished
4. Amy Siemon (UWW) vs. Kayli Edwards (WHEAT) 2-6, 5-5, unfinished
5. Michelle Daciolas (UWW) vs. Lindsey Hallett (WHEAT) 2-6, 6-3, unfinished
6. Sara Federschmidt (WHEAT) def. Kara Amundson (UWW) 6-3, 6-2

Doubles competition
1. Jordan Hook/Elizabeth Worsowicz (WHEAT) def. Michelle Daciolas/Kalla Schaefer (UWW) 8-6
2. Brittney Dunn/Kayli Edwards (WHEAT) def. Ingrid Stensvaag/Amy Siemon (UWW) 8-2
3. Sara Federschmidt/Lindsey Hallett (WHEAT) def. Kathleen Kappel/Kelly Rutkowski (UWW) 8-6