May 7, 2010

Courtesy of Concordia (NY)

The Clippers faced off against the Stonehill College Skyhawks in the second round of the NCAA Division II Tournament. The Clippers started off with the doubles side of the match first.

Cristina Oliveira and Ola Roberts were first off the court as they went through their doubles match. With three breaks of serve and putting many winners in the court the Clipper pair surrender just two games to the Skyhawks for the Clippers first point.

Yuliya Plevako and Maria Ortiz were done next as they were on serve through six games. With a break of serve the pair went ahead and continued from there. As they dominated the rest of the match the notched the Clippers second point with an 8-3 score.

Adeline Brennan and Camilla Xavier stuggled down at the number three doubles position as they found themselves being broken several times. The Skyhawks took the third doubles for a point of their own.

With the Clippers up 2-1 after the doubles match, they headed into the singles where it would be a race to see who would finish with 5 points first.

Yuliya Plevako, at the number three spot, was the first done for the Clippers as she broke her opponent's serve three times in the first set for a dominating 6-0 set score. Plevako stayed on serve until she was able to break her opponent on the fifth game of the set. With going ahead first Plevako stayed in control of the match and with a 6-2 second set score the Clippers were one point closer to advancing.

Ola Roberts, playing at the number two singles position, was the next off the court as she only allowed one game to be claimed by the Skyhawks. Roberts held court for her first set as she took the set with no trouble as she notched a 6-0 score. Her second set saw the one game slip by but through it all Roberts stayed focused and defeated her opponent 6-1 in the second set to move the Clippers within one point.

Cristina Oliveira, at the number one spot, continued to show her dominance as she mirrored her set scores. After one game went to the Skyhawks, Oliveira took care of the rest of the set as she held court for 6-1; 6-1 sets and notched the Clippers fifth and final point of the match.

With the win the Clippers advanced to the Sweet 16 down in Altamonte Springs, Florida next week.