ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. -- Concordia (N.Y.) advanced to the national quarterfinals after a 5-1 win against Augustana (S.D.) in the Round of 16 in the NCAA Division II Tournament.

Concordia took a 2-1 lead after doubles thanks to the efforts from the first and third doubles teams.

Ola Roberts and Yuliya Plevako, at the No. 1 doubles flight, went to work for an early 3-0 lead. Holding their three game lead, the Clipper pair split the next two games for a 4-1 lead. After going up 6-2, Roberts and Plevako were able to finish out the match 8-2 and notch the first point for the Clippers.

Adeline Brennan and Ana S.O. Mendes, hit at the No. 3 doubles and notched the second Clipper point for the match. Brennan and Mendes were on serve to start with a 2-1 lead, then extended their lead to 5-2 score. The Clipper pair then held their next three service games and came away with the 8-5 victory.

At No. 2 doubles Maria Ortiz and Juliana Frey exploded out of the gate with a 3-0 lead.  The Clipper pair was then broken and back on serve with a 3-2 lead.  Ortiz and Frey then hit a rough patch as they struggled, finding themselves down 4-5 before losing 8-6.

Roberts was the first off the court for the Clippers at the No. 1 singles spot as she was dominant from start to finish. After a few games on serve in the first set, Roberts took a 5-2 lead before finishing out the set with a 6-2 score. Roberts then carried her momentum through to the second set as she burst open the set by taking a 3-0 advantage. Roberts clinched the win three games later, taking the second set 6-0.

Plevako, at No. 2 singles, notched the Concordia's fourth point of the match with a straight-set win. Plevako went up 3-0 to start her first set and held the three game lead through the next two games. She then finished out the first set by winning two games in a row for the 6-1 victory. Taking a 4-1 lead in the second set again set Plevako off and running to finish her match with a 6-1 second set score and put the Clippers one win away from advancing.

At No. 4 singles, Clara Catanzano was on serve through her first set. Both players held serve through the first set, and Catanzano forced the first set to a tiebreaker, which Catanzano prevailed 7-6. With the tiebreaker win, Catanzano stepped up big in the second set as she earned an early break. A couple of games later, Catanzano held a 5-1 lead before finishing out the match with a 6-1 set win.