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NCAA Release | May 7, 2014

32 singles players and 16 doubles qualify for NCAA championship

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA Division III Women’s Tennis Committee has selected the individuals who will compete in the singles and doubles competitions of the 2014 NCAA Division III Women’s Tennis Championships.

The individual championships shall consist of 32 singles players and 16 doubles teams. The selection of teams and individuals for the championships are based on win-lost record, strength of schedule, and eligibility and availability of student-athletes.

The team championship will take place May 19-21 and the individual championships May 22-24, both at the Biszantz Family Tennis Center in Claremont, California and will be hosted by Claremont-M-S.

SINGLES QUALIFIERS (Alphabetical by school):
Jordan Brewer, Amherst 
Gabby Devlin, Amherst 
Carley Cooke, Brandeis 
Rebekah Kitto, Cal Tech
Angela Pratt, Carnegie Mellon 
Andrea Hammer, Chapman 
Megan Tang, Chicago
Caroline Ward, Claremont M-S
Kelsey Geppner, Denison 
Gabrielle Clark, Emory 
Nancy Benda, Hope 
Amanda Austi, Johns Hopkins 
Sarah Woods, Kalamazoo 
Andrea Madrigal, La Verne
Lindsay Raulston, Mary Washington
Elysa Kohrs, MIT
Ria Gerger, Middlebury 
Alexandra Fields, Middlebury 
Deena Li Kam Wa, Millsaps 
Brenna Sheldon, Oberlin 
Jessica Ly, Redlands
Bronte Goodhue, Sewanee
Lindsay Liles, Sewanee
Victoria Bravo, St. Catherine 
Casey Johnson, Texas-Dallas
Sofia Vega, Texas Lutheran 
Sonja Meighan, Washington & Lee
Jamie Silverberg, Washington (Mo.)
Courtney Lawless, Whitman 
Kathleen Elkins, Williams 
Kara Shoemaker, Williams 
Alexandra Bayliss, Wisconsin-Whitewater

Atlantic South: Beatrice Rosen, Emory 
Central: Maggie MacPhail, DePauw 
Northeast: Sojung Lee, Wellesley 
West: Katie Kuosman, Claremont M-S

DOUBLES QUALIFIERS (Alphabetical by school):
Jordan Brewer/Gabby Devlin, Amherst 
Andrea Hammer/Rachel Fox, Chapman 
Tiffany Chen/Megan Tang, Chicago
Katie Kuosman/Caroline Ward, Claremont M-S
Maggie MacPhail/Caroline Emhardt, DePauw 
Gabrielle Clark/Michelle Satterfield, Emory 
Nancy Benda/Carli Capestany, Hope 
Lindsay Raulston/Shelby Harris, Mary Washington
Samantha Chao/Lea Lynn Yen, Pomona-Pitzer 
Ceara Sumida/Jessica Ly, Redlands
Lee Ford/Madeline Benn, Skidmore 
Bronte Goodhue/Lindsey Liles, Sewanee
Patricia Kirkland/Sonja Meighan, Washington & Lee 
Rebecca Ho/Corinne Rauck, Washington (Mo.)
Carina Chen/Sojung Lee, Wellesley 
Rebecca Curran/Kara Shoemaker, Williams 

Atlantic South: Vanessa Pavia/Bryn Raschke, Carnegie Mellon 
Central: Kelsey Geppner/Taylor Hawkins, Denison 
Northeast: Ria Gerger/Kaysee Orozco, Middlebury 
West: Jeanette Losaria/Laina Matsuda, La Verne

Any singles player or doubles team that scratches from the tournament will be replaced by the next individual or doubles team from their region. The draw for the individual championship will be done by the women’s tennis committee and will be released on the last day of the team championship. The 2013 singles title went to Lok-Sze Leung of Middlebury. Jordan Brewer and Gabby Devlin of Amherst took the doubles title. Williams is the defending national champion, having defeated Emory 5-2 to claim the team title. 

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