West Regional: Day One

May 27, 2005

7:55 - W 5,000 Track is mostly in shade. Temperature has dropped to a comfortable 80. Wind is minimal. Davila of Arizona State is leading through the 200 in 42 seconds. Jackson of Arizona State is running side by side with Davila. The pack is jogging down the backstretch. 1:27.2 for the 400. Davila continues to lead, Jackson is running in lane 2. Approaching 800 meters, Davila on inside, Jackson on inside. 800 in 2:51, 84.3 second lap. Ripplinger of Utah St. in third. Bei of Stanford is in fourth on the inside. 3:31 at 1k. Chiristman of UC-Santa Barbara in fifth. 80.1 lap. 4:11 for 1200. Group still together approaching the 1600 meters. 5:29 for the 1600, 77.8 for the last 400. The pack is lengthening a bit with Davila and Jackson still leading. McWalters of Stanford in fifth. At 2k 6:50, 81.0 last lap. At 2400, 6 laps, 8:12, 81.8 last lap with Davila and Jackson still in front. 12 runners remain in the pack. Ripplinger moves into second, Jackson to third, then Christman, Bei and McWalters as the come to the back stretch. 81.1 and 9:33.6 at 2800. The pack is continuing to lengthen with Davila, Ripplinger, Jackson. 3k in 10:13. Harmon of Oregon is out after 7 laps and is being helped off the track. Bei is moving into second. 3200 meters in 10:54 and 81.2 last lap. 8 runners left in the pack, running for 5 spots. Big move by Bei as she lengthens to a 30 meter lead. The pack of seven is lead by Davila and McWalters also has Ripplinger and Jackson. Bei in 72.3 and 12:06. Bei is up to about a 70 meter lead with 3 to go. McWalters leads the pack of seven. UC-Santa Barbara's Lewis, Smith and Lauren Christman. Bei's last kilometer in 3:07. McWalters has bolted away from the pack with 2 to go, she has a 30 meter lead over the pack, with Victoria Jackson dropping of the back. Bei 14:35 with 600 to go. McWalters all alone in second. Bei at the bell in 15:12. McWalters is 80 meters back but with 40 meters to the pack of Laura Christman, Smith and Davila running third, fouth and fifth. Sarah Bei comes down the homestretch strong to win in 16:22.42. McWalters second in 16:38, Smith and then Christman in 16:44, Davila is fifth 16:45. Those 5 will claim automatic NCAA berths. Lewis sixth 16:49, Ripplinger seventh 16:49, Jackson 8th in 17:02 are still eligible for at-large consideration to the NCAA meet. 4:51.2 last 1600 for Bei.

8:15 - M 5,000 Track is entirely in the shade. Temperature is just under 80. Northern Arizona's Cardenas is early leader in 32 seconds for the 200. 65.2 for the 400. Rohatinsky of BYU is in second. Mandi of Washington is in the lead coming to 800. Rupp in third. 2:16, 71.5 last lap. Mandi, Rohatinsky, Rupp and Cheseret of Arizona, and Ryan Hall of Stanford. 1200 in 3:25.4, 68.7 last 400. Mandi, Rohatinksy, Rupp, Hall, Cheseret and Dobson of Stanford as they approach the mile. 1600 in 4:32.8, 67.6 last lap. Pack is bunched two wide. Araia of Stanford is behind Dobson on the pole. 2000 in 5:42, 69.8. Mandi still in the lead, Cheseret takes the lead off the curve and Hall goes with him. Everyboy reacts, Cheseret, Hall, Rupp, Dobson come through in a 61.0, 6:43. The main pack is holding 4 runners with 6 to go. Cheseret, Hall, Rupp, Dobson. 61.4, 7:44. Fifth is Rohatinsky, Araia is sixth and Logsdon in seventh. The pace slows, 8:20.61 at 3k. Dobson is leading but looking around and counting bodies. First four are easing up, Rohatinsky in fifth. 71, 8:55. Logsdon is moving up on Araia. Dobson, Rupp, Hall and Cheseret with four to go. Logsdon catches Araia. Emme of Stanford with Logsdon and Araia. 70.0 and 10:05 for the leaders. Rohatinsky is closing on the lead four, who are running easily. 3 to go with Dobson still leading the group of four. Logsdon is sixth and leads a pack of five. Rupp moves to the front after a 69.2 and 11:15, everybody covers the move as the come to 800 to go. Rupp followed by Hall, Cheseret, and Dobson. Logsdon's group is down to four for three spots. Rupp in 65., 12:20, Cheseret now to the lead followed by Hall. Cheseret and Hall at 12:50 for the bell. Dobson and Rupp are back now. Cheseret and Hall with 200 to go. 59.8 last lap. Around the Bowerman curve, Cheseret in a dead sprint with Hall and Cheseret holds him off for the win in 13:48.76 to Hall's 13:48.92. Dobson second in 13:57.41 and Rohatinsky(13:57.88) catches Rupp(13:59.11) for fourth. Emme sixth in 14:02.34. Logsdon seventh in 14:03.25. Nielson of Utah St.eigth in 14:03.88


4:00 - W 4 x 100

Heat 1 9 teams total in this event. Only one team will be eliminated. 4 teams in the first heat. UNLV, Stanford, Long Beach, and Arizona State. First exchange ASU and Long Beach and Stanford moves up on the back straight, poor handoff for Stanford, Stanford and ASU in the front, conservative exchanges and it is ASU and Stanford, then UNLV and Long Beach. Long Beach is fourth 45.87 theyre on the bubble..

Heat 2 5 teams in this heat with Northern Arizona with the slowest and they drew lane 8. The other 4 are Cal, Arizona, USC (top seed) and Northridge. First curve, USC to the quick lead making up the stagger on Arizona, on the back straight with a huge lead, Arizona struggling, off the final curve, USC and Cal and Northern Arizona far behind. USC, Cal, Northridge, Arizona. Northern Arizona runs a 47.75. There is a yellow flag on the second exchange zone. Northern Arizona was disqualified. Northern Arizona eliminated.

4:15 - M 4 x 100

Heat 1 5 teams in each heat. The two slowest times will be eliminated. First heat, starting in lane three, Washington State, Washington, Cal, Utah State and Arizona St. First leg, it is ASU already with a big lead, huge lead down the back straight everyone else together, Utah St. lagging far behind on third leg, ASU with the big win, Washington and Washington State nose to nose at the finish, Cal, and then Utah State. ASU ran 39.40. Cal ran 40 high. Utah State ran 42 high. Both teams on bubble..

Heat 2 Fresno State in lane three then Northridge, Sac. St. USC and Oregon. Oregon and USC separate themselves on the first leg, USC half meter lead over Oregon at second exchange, USC with half a meter lead with the final exchange, Oregon is cruising through, only 4 teams finish. Sac St. DNF, USC in 39.42, Oregon in 40.08 with Kent easing up 50 meters from finish, Kent seems fine, Northridge third with Fresno St. fourth.. Sac. St did not complete second exchange. Sac. St. and Utah St. are eliminated. Oregon has fifth fastest time overall and probably will draw lane 2 tomorrow. .

4:30 - W 1,500

Heat 1 2 heats, 10 runners in each race. Top 4 in each heat plus next four fastest. Ellison of ASU to early lead around first curve, pace is slow, Duffy is on her shoulder and Lambie on her's. Pace is slow, this will be tactical, 54 seconds at 300. Through the 400 Ellison continues to lead in 72.9. The whole field is sandwhiched within a few meters. Palacios of Long Beach on Ellison's shoulder but not ready to take lead. Nilsson is floating at back of pack. Approaching 800 meters Nilsson moves around the pack to Ellison's shoulder. 2:27.3 at 800. Lambie to the lead at the bell, At the bell in 3:19.8. It is Lambie and Nilsson pulling away. 3:36.5 at 1200 meters, down the back straight Lambie and Nilsson running easily. Ellison is third, and Buchanan of Hawaii is fourth. Battle for fourth among four runners. Fourth spot goes to Haly Paul of Washington State. Lambie 4:26.38, Nilsson, Elisson, Paul. On the bubble, Buchanan 4:29.53, Duffy 4:29.80, Mulkey 4:33.20 and Ramirez 4:33.40..

Heat 2 Heidi Magill to the early lead. Magill floating along, this will be tactical as well. Magill leadds down homestraight. Maclise on her shoulder. Heiner in 3rd from BYU. First 400 in 73.3 with Magill in the front, and now Heiner of BYU takes the lead. Heiner pushes the pace and spreads the group out a bit, she has Maclise on her shoulder with 2 laps to go. Runners group up again, at 800 in 2:25.8, 72.5 lap. Heiner takes the lead and Magill moves to her shoulder with 600 to go. Vashchuk in third, now to the bell Magill takes the lead and starts to push in 3:18.5, Magill pulls away easily, passes in 3:35.1 for 1200, five runners fighting for second, Vashchuk, Egerdahl are there. Magill in the lead with 100 to go , Liam akes a move to take third, Vashchuk gets the win just ahead of Magill. 4:25.34 for Vashchuk. Magill in second, Lia?, Kamau, get top four spots. This race was much faster than the first heat. Three time qualifiers from this race, Egerdahl, Egan and Maclise. Buchanon from first heat advances. 4:45 - M 1,500

Heat 1 Brown of Stanford to early lead. Top three qualify in each heat plus the next three. Through 300 in 47 it is Brown. With Paul Hoffman of Idaho State on his shoulder. 400 meters 64.2, jogging down back stretch with Brown leading. Pace is pedestrian and all the runners are there. Chapa in the back, floating. 800 meters Brown still leads, Hoffman looking eager, 800 in 2:10.9 a 66.5 400. 600 to go Hoffman takes 1200 lead, Brown in third, BYU's Robison in second, Brown takes the lead at bell in 2:55.0 . 3:09. 2 at 1200, Brown and Robison and Chapa of Stanford with 150 to go, 6 runners for 4 spots, sprint finish, Hoffman on the inside, Robison on outside, Brown third, Johnsrud of Cal Poly fourth. Robison wins in 3:49.51. Cook, Chapa and Tyler on the bubble with Low 3:50s.

Heat 2 Maiyo of Arizona to early lead, Aragon of UCLA leads around curve and to the home stretch. McClary of Cal in second through 300. 400 in 63.6 Aragon and McClary in front side by side. Maiyo behind Aragon. 2 laps to go, nothing changes 800 in 2:07.6 a 64 lap. Arago gets a meter on the field but everybody is still there. Barnes of Irvine is in second with 500 to go, Maiyo on third on the outside. Bell lap in 2:54.2, Stanford's Romaniuk takes the lead 3:08.3. Lindsey of BYU makes big move down back stretch, continues to pull away around the curve. Four runners fighting for the other spots. Lindsey wins in 3:48.57 Barnes in second, Willams of NAU third. On the bubble Abbott of Washington and Arago in 3:49. Maiyo fades and finishes last. Nobody else under 3:50.

Heat 3 Stanford's Jespersen and Fox to the early lead with Rankin of UCLA third on the inside. Moorcroft of Cal Poly sits fourth on the outside. This race is fast. 400 in 57.5. 2 laps to go everybody still together with Fox leading and Moorcroft on his shoulder, at 800 2:00.1, 62.7. Pass the water jump, Moorcroft with Rankin on his shoulder approaching th bell, 2:46.7 and Rankin takes the lead, passes 1200 in 3:01.3 and five meters clear, Sage moves hard into second, Babiskiewicz third from USC, Moorcroft fourth, Rankin jogs in for the win in 3:43.88 and the fifth spot goes to Andy Fader of Washington. Moorcroft, Fader and Gomez get qualifiers. Gomez in 3:48.05. Jesperson just misses in 3:49..

5:00 - W 100 Hurdles

Heat 1 Heat winner plus next six fastest. Lane three is empty. Runners called up, but no false start. Powell of USC leads from the first hurdle to win in 12.80, Jones of Arizona runs 13.13 in lane one for second and Ashley Lodree of Washington gets third in 13.34. McClendon of UNLV is fourth in 13.74 and is final qualifier. .

Heat 2 Harper of UCLA takes lead over fourth hurdle and wins in 13.01. Davis of USC is second in 13.31, chased to the finish by Heron of San Diego St in 13.36. Whitlock of Arizona runs 13.61 in lane 8 to qualify. .

5:15 - M 110 Hurdles

Heat 1 Heat winners plus next six fastest. Runners are called up, no false start. Top qualifiers are Williams of UCLA in lane 1 and Fazier of USC in lane 2. False start, recall official confer with Judy Hoffman the starter and lane six is disqualified. Jacob Garlick of BYU is DQ'ed. Golston of UCLA runs strong for five hurdles then fades a bit, Fazier wins in 13.84, Williams falls after the 9th hurdle while in second place. Kelly of USC was second in 13.99, Golston is third in 14.05 and Mack of Cal is fourth in 14.23 and qualifies for final. Wind is 0.0

Heat 2 Mitchum of Oregon leads the whole way and wins in 13.68. Ikwaukor of Oregon battles with Hunter of Arizona through mid race and pulls away for second in 13.83. A PR for Ikwaukor. Hunter is third in 13.92. Justin Wickard of Utah St. qualifies fourth in 14.21. Wind is plus 1.3 mps.

5:30 - W 400

Heat 1 The weather continues to be unseasonably warm and muggy. On 9 entrants in the 400, 4 in first race, five in the second, slowest runner out. Even down the back stretch with Reed of ASU taking the lead at 200, off the curve it is Reed on the outside and Lee of USC on the inside and Johnson of Standford surges at the finish to win in 53.96. Reed second, Lee third, Monroe of Hawaii in fourth in 56.25. . Heat 2 Henderson of UCLA's qualifying time is almost 2 seconds faster than the second qualifier. With the first heat times on the scoreboard all runners must know that they can float through this race. Abildtrup of Oregon on the outside, McCuen of UC-Santa Barbara makes up stagger, Henderson takes lead at 200, Abildtrup strongly around the curve, Henderson had a huge lead around the curve and coasts to the win in 52.92. Abildtrup second, Hardeman of Arizona St., Moschella of Stanford fourth, all in easy 55s. McCuen shockingly fades to 57.32, so Monroe of Hawaii will advance to the final. Abildtrup has fourth fastest time and will likely draw lane six tomorrow. .

5:45 - M 400

Heat 1 Heat winner plus the next six to final. 11 runners total. Peterson of ASU is top seed. Down the back stretch they are even, Peterson, Chesser of BYU are close, and now Scherer of Oregon takes control with 60 meters to go and wins in 45.75, Peterson eases up down the stretch. Scherer runs a huge PR. Barton was third in 46.89 and his teammate Banda runs 47.03 to qualify for the final.

Heat 2 Inico of Oregon is top seed of this heat. There are six runners in this section. Lewis of Long Beach with eraly lead with Sebus of Stanford. Everhart of UCLA and Inico take over at 200, Inico up to the lead with 100 to go and holds a 1 meter lead all the way to the finish in 46.18 to Everhart in 46.36, Jackson of Washington in 46.82 for third. Sebes gets fourth and gets the last qualifying spot in 47.20..

6:00 - W 100

Heat 1 Heat winners plus the next six. Two heats. Weatherspoon of USC jumps to early lead in lane 7. Martin of Arizona in lane 2 surges for the win. Both Weatherspoon and Martin are timed in 11.60. Wind was plus 0.5. Onyepunuka of USC was third in 11.63, in fourth Diego from UCLA 11.66. .

Heat 2 Runners in this heat will have to run fast after the quick first heat. Runners are called up, no false start. Just five runners in this race. Close all the way with DeCree of UNLV taking the win from Carroll of Arizona St. 11.42 to 11.44, Davis of Stanford, the early leader, is third in 11.47. Goodwin of Northridge on the outside gets fourth in 11.62. Goodwin gets the final qualifying spot. Wind is measured at 2.0.

6:15 - M 100

Heat 1 Heat winner plus next six fastest advance. Even for sixy meters and then Washington State's McSwain takes control for the win in 10.28, followed by Koehnemann of Arizona St. in 10.39, a season best. Jones of USC in 10.44 for third, then Berrian of Fresno St. also of 10.44. Wind is plus 1.8

Heat 2 McNeal of Utah St. has scratched. Wes Felix of USC and Standford's Osaisai at 50 meters, Felix accelerates away before putting on the brakes before the finish in 10.53. Frances of USC comes up for second and runs 10.57, Osaisai runs 10.58. Awonsanya of Northern Arizona is a distant fourth in 10.84 and is only non qualifier for the final. Second is minus 1.5

6:30 - W 800

Heat 1 .Top two plus next two. Three heats. Jarvis from Cal has the lead at the break. Lemiesz of BYU in second and then Hawaii's Young. Jarvis hits the bell in 61.8. Lemiesz takes the lead followed Jarvis and Young. 150 to go, Lemiesz in control and wins in 2:06.67, and Jarvis in second with Young third in 2:06.9, with Nevada's Baker,with a heavily taped left ankle was fourth in 2:07.65.

Heat 2 Schmucker of Cal takes the leader at the break. 28.3 at the 200. Standford's Freeman Offor, Schaaf moves up at the bell in 61.5. Schmucker continues to lead with Schaaf on her shoulder. With the Stanford duo behind. Standford girls take the lead followed by Schaaf. Freemand in first in 2:07.55,followed by Offor 2:08.09 and Schaaf is a non qualifying third in 2:08.61.

Heat 3 .Mark to meet is 2:07.65. Around the first curve it is Vessey of Cal Poly and Johnson of Cal on the outside. Johnson takes the lead off the curve with 500 meters to go. Clayton of USC on her shoulder at the bell in 62.5. Johnson, Clayton and Vessey with 250 to go. 1:35.5 with 200 to go. Johnson and Vessey off the curve with Clayton kicking and it is Vessey winning in 2:08.31 with Johnson easing up in 2:08.55 for second place. Clayton is a non qualifying third in 2:08.81. Both time qualifiers come out of the first heat (Young and Baker).

6:45 - M 800

Heat 1 Two heats, top two in each heat plus the next best 4 times. 12 runners total. Rankin from UCLA to the lead with Asafo-Agyei of USC at 200 in 26.3. McClary of Cal joins them as they come to the bell in 55.4, Rankin still leads. Down the back stretch they go, Rankin with a 2 meter lead. 600 in 1:22.4 . Asafo-Agyei in second, Munguia in third, Rankin takes the win in 1:49.54, and Asafo-Agyei gets passed on the inside at the tape by Emmen of UC-Santa Barbara in 1:50.07. Asafo-Agyei gets third in 1:50.3, Munguia fourth in 1:50.64. Kjerengtroen of BYU takes fifth in 1:51.12 and Alex McClary of Cal gets sixth in 1:51.13.

Heat 2 Soloman of USC and Dotts of Oregon at the break with a 5 meter lead down the back straight. At the 200 in 25.4. Soloman, Dotts and USC's Heckman in third. 54.5 at 400 for Soloman. Down the back straight, Heckman stumbles, but recovers and is in second. 600 in 1:23.1 Brown of Washington up in second off the curve. Soloman and Brown down the home stretch with Brown taking the win in 1:50.68, Soloman in 1:50.75 and Armel of UC Santa Barbara up for third in 1:51.39, Dotts fades to fourth in 1:51.82. All four time qualifiers will come from the first heat. .

7:05 - W 400 Hurdles

Heat 1 Heat winner plus next six fastest. Heron of San Diego State with a big lead down the back stretch with Stanford's Becker in second. She catches up on 7th hurdle and takes the lead. Thatcher from Utah St. closes with two hurdles to go. Mellott of Oregon makes big rush for second. Becker wins going away in 59.86, Mellott passes Thatcher on the run in to get second in 60.45, Thatcher third in 60.56. Judd of Utah St. fourth in 61.19. Cearley of CS-Fullerton comes up to take fifth in 62.25 and is the last qualifier. .

Heat 2 Stewart of USC takes the early lead down the back straight with UCLA's Hill in second. They are even through the 7th hurdle. Hill leads over 8th hurdle. Omwanghe of Cal moves into second over the ninth hurdle but Spence from UNLV comes all the way from third to first to take the win in 59.33. Hill second in 59.60 and Omwanghe third in 60.51. .Stewart fades and finishes fifth in the heat.

7:20 - M 400 Hurdles

Heat 1 4 heats. Winners plus next 4 qualify. Fresno State's Moore has scratched. Johnson of UCLA is smoking down the back straight. He has a huge lead around the curve. Payne of BYU is in second. Johnson takes a bad hurdle on 7th. Payne a close second. Last hurdle, it is Johnson. Payne and Wilson from Eastern Washington are gaining ground. Johnson pulls away to win in 51.86. Payne is second in 52.57, and Wilson third in 52.76. .

Heat 2 Washington State's Casselman out quick with Ikwaukor of Oregon. Ikwaukor with a slight lead over the fourth hurdle. They are even at six, Ikwaukor leads at seven, Casselman at eight. Close down the stretch and Casselman leads from 8th hurdle to win in 51.36. Ikwaukor second 51.49. Third place was Fredrickson of Northridge in 53.07

Heat 3 Starter calls the runners up because of rhythmic of clapping from long jump. Garlick of BYU out early with Willams of UCLA down the back straight. Together into the curve, Williams takes a slight lead. Over hurdle 8 it is Williams with a big lead and Garlick with Rencher of BYU making a big run. Williams takes the win in 51.53. Garlick finishes in 52.93 ahead of teammate Rencher 52.96 .

Heat 4 Charles of Washington takes a big lead right away buts hits the second hurdle and goes down hard. Gardner of BYU with Hunter of Arizona are even going into the curve. Hunter takes the lead over the 9th hurdle. Hunter wins in 51.71, Gardner in 52.26. Time qualifiers are Ikwaukor(heat 2), Gardner(4), Payne(1) and Wilson(1). Ikwaukor's time is second fastest of the day.

7:35 - W 200

Heat 1 Heat winners plus the next six fastest will qualify. Only one will be eliminated. Weatherspoon of USC off the curve and she is joined by Carroll of Arizona St. Carroll takes the lead at the homestretch and wins going away in 23.33. Weatherspoon runs 23.60 for second. Tucker from Arizona St third in 23.82. DeCree of UNLV finishes fourth in 23.94, but has been disqualified..

Heat 2 Henderson of UCLA is out quick, she makes up the stagger on Shemi just after the water jump and cruises down the home stretch and wins in 23.23. Stanford's Purnell in second in 23.53, Carter of Cal third in 23.80, McEwen of UC-Santa Barbara in 24.50, and claiming the last spot in the finals is Shemi of Portland State in 25.16. All runners advance to final, by virtue of Decree's DQ for a lane violation.

-- Courtesy Indiana