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Stan Becton | | March 18, 2022

Here are the women’s track and field records that could be next to fall

North Carolina A&T's Cambrea Sturgis sets collegiate record, wins 100m championship

The women’s outdoor track and field record book is full of impressive feats. However, as the sport evolves, once-untouchable records are now in reach.

Here are three women’s outdoor track and field records that could be next to fall.

1. 100 meter dash in the NCAA Championship final

The current record for the 100 meter dash in the NCAA Championship final was set in 2019 by Sha’Carri Richardson, running 10.75 to win the title.

Last year, North Carolina A&T’s Cambrea Sturgis ran a 10.74 in the 100 meter final to win, followed by Southern California’s Twanisha Terry in second with a 10.79. However, neither time counted toward the record books because of a +2.2 wind. 

Despite the performances not counting, the times show athletes getting faster, rapidly approaching Richardson’s time.

The 100 meter record should fall sooner, rather than later.

LSU's Richardson sets 100m collegiate record at NCAA championships

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2. Long jump in the NCAA Championships

The current long jump record at the NCAA Championships is held by LSU’s Sheila Echols. She jumped 6.94 meters in 1987.

Last year, two jumpers, Tara Davis and Tyra Gittens, each surpassed that mark before the championships, jumping 7.14 meters and 6.96 meters, respectively. At the NCAA Championships, Davis and Gittens jumped 6.70 meters and 6.68 meters.

While those marks were far off from the record, the duo’s prior performances demonstrate a capability for athletes to break the long jump record.

Texas' Tara Davis wins the 2021 NCAA Track & Field long jump final

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3. High jump at the NCAA Championships

The NCAA championships high jump record was set all the way back in 1995, when UCLA’s Amy Acuff jumped 1.96 meters.

In the 2021 championships, South Carolina’s Rachel Glenn neared that mark with her 1.93 meter jump. Glenn’s championship leap surpassed her season best of 1.91 meters.

2021’s third place finisher, Tyra Gittens, had a regular season best of 1.95 meters. 

Acuff’s record should be on watch after performances like that from last year. Especially with Glenn back with the Gamecocks for another year.

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