Long Island 3, Cornell 0Dec. 1, 2005

Cornell head coach Deitre Collins

Thoughts on the match & Were obviously disappointed, our goal this year has been a couple of things, one to win an outright Ivy championship and second to come in and win a match in the Tournament and obviously we came up a little short. Its exciting for our team to come out and learn. Long Island has a good, athletic team and this has been a learning experience and well only get better from here.

Thoughts about Long Islands athleticism& Its a different type of athleticism that were used to. We watched the tapes so we knew that they were athletic, they just came out and played a solid game. Theyre an experienced team and we learned a lot by playing an experienced team.

Cornell senior libero Kelly Kramer

Thoughts about nerves going into this first tournament game& I dont think it really hit us until we stepped out on the court to start warming up. It felt like we were going into any other match, we tried not to put too much pressure on ourselves.

On what it means as a senior to make the NCAA Tournament& The five seniors really contributed to this program. I am honored to be a part of that.

Cornell junior outside hitter Elizabeth Bishop

On building for next season& Were really looking forward to next season. Were going to miss our seniors because they are such good leaders. We all played with them for three years now so I think well all take some of their leadership abilities.

Cornell senior middle hitter Heather Young

On what it means as a senior to make the NCAA Tournament& We were ready for this moment since before we were freshmen, a goal was set as soon as we set foot on campus. Its an honor to accomplish before we left.

NCAA Volleyball Postgame Quotes Long Island vs. Cornell (Dec. 2, 2005)

Long Island CoachToby Rens

Opening Statement: We came here intending to play two matches and I think that was our focus since the bracket was announced. Its been our focus all year to advance farther than we did last year and now weve done that. Its a great feeling to have accomplished that goal.

On the six seniors experience playing a role in the win: Having that experience on your side is always huge because youve been in pressure situations before. Throughout the year we played a very difficult schedule and we were right there with some great opponents. We might have come out on the losing end at times but that coupled with the experience of being the NCAA Tournament last year really came through.

On Cornell: They definitely had some good athletes on their team. My philosophy is to try and be as aggressive as possible as a group from beginning to finish. Theyre a very different style of play and I think they really try to stay in system so our game plan was to try to get them out of that as much as possible. Were used to trying to be creative and make changes and send people in different patterns. I think that kind of threw them for a loop.

Long Island Senior Outside Hitter, Lizelle Jackson

On adjusting to Cornells size advantage during tonights game: I dont think I intentionally meant to change anything. They put a good block on me but thats just part of the game when youre playing tough competitors. You have to match-up and try to adjust.

Long Island Senior Setter, Ivana Vasiljevic

On working with her teammates: I really trust them. You just work to trust your hitters and your hitters work to trust you and when I make a mistake they are there to correct it for me and for support all around. Sometimes coach says you have to run this play but that doesnt happen in a game. You have to be able to change in that one second. I have great players around me that are there for me when I struggle and I think Im there for them.

On the possibility of playing Penn State and Penn States size advantage: Im the shortest person the team and most players on other teams are taller than me. I dont look at that at all. If I were looking at that, I wouldnt be sitting here sharing great moments with you all. Of course size matters and of course its an advantage, but sometimes its a disadvantage. I dont think any of those taller people can compete with Lizelle [Jacksons] defense. Shell get a piece of every single ball and thats why we think shes 65. You have to play one point at a time. Weve played some great teams and coach did a good job exposing us to that. Weve played teams with great defenses and others that have great servers so we ran into different things a lot. I dont think were afraid of anything.

Long Island Sophomore Outside Hitter, Martina Wagner

On her role in tonights game versus Cornell: Ivana [Vasiljevic] did a great job distributing the ball equally. For example, I didnt get five straight balls and they didnt expect me to get the ball all the time, so I had it easier to always play with a block. I dont think they were on me that much.

-- Courtesy Penn St.