Purdue 3, College of Charleston 0 Dec. 3, 2005

College of Charleston head coach Sherry Dunbar

Opening statement: First of all, we need to give a lot of credit to Purdue. I thought Purdue played really well tonight, a lot better than they did last night. They came out and were very offensive. I thought they set up a great block. They played very good defense. And I thought we came out a little bit flat, but the good thing is I don't want to overlook that we ended the season 32-2. We had a great season, and I thought we really came back and fought a lot in the third game, and I was really proud of our team for that.

On the biggest problem the team encountered: We had to play our game, and I think we didn't play our game to begin with. That's what we talked about in the locker room between games two and three. We can't play anybody else's game. I thought the third game we at least played our style of volleyball. We played defense, and that's what we feed off of is our defense. The first and second game I really think they took us out of what we wanted to do.

On what a team needs to do to beat Purdue: I think you have to serve really tough. You have to try to take them out of the offense they want to run, because if they pass well like they did last night and they did some today, they are a very balanced attack, and they don't have just one player to go to. You really have to serve tough against them and put up a nice solid block.

Tiffany Blum on the third game: We went in the locker room, and we wanted to leave the game with no regrets. And I think that we game out in the third game, and for that game, I don't think we have any regrets ¬ for that game. So that's a positive.

Rebecca Wieters on what this season means for their program: Obviously, we're really excited that we made it to a second round game this year. I think for the girls that are coming back next year, this experience is going to help them because now they've been here and they are ready to take the next step and they know what's coming. I think obviously we are disappointed because we didn't perform the way we wanted to today. But every experience is valuable, and we'll build off this as a program.

Purdue head coach Dave Shondell

Opening statement: First of all, it's just a great feeling to be able to come here and win. Three years ago, when our staff was hired, there weren't a lot of people who thought we'd be able to be here right now. That's a tribute to the kind of players that we have in our program that we're here. To fight through a lot of adversity, not just early on, but just in this season as well, to have three players out with ACL injuries, and a player that can't even jump right now and still be able to find a way to win is a real tribute to these guys. So it's a thrill.

College of Charleston is a wonderful volleyball team. To watch them play last night as a coach was a treat, to watch their team play. The way that they took advantage of everything that they had. They play within themselves, and Sherry Dunbar has just done a phenomenal job with that team. So we tip our hat to them. We're just excited the season continues and we're looking forward to next week.

On what the win means: I think that they deserve to enjoy this win. We've got the rest of today and Sunday, and then I think Monday, as a team, we have to really redirect our focus. This is a great moment in my opinion for Purdue volleyball, to go to the Sweet Sixteen because of a lot of reasons. We're taking some seniors that never thought they'd ever get to this point. Unfortunately, Leah (Wischmeier) is hurt, but still the chance to participate is wonderful for those people. And then the experience for our younger players, which we have plenty of, only helps us for years down the road. It's a great thing for Purdue.

Brittany Dildine on being in the Sweet Sixteen: The feeling is indescribable ¬ it's amazing. We knew our potential from the very beginning, of what our team could bring. I couldn't be more happy with the situation that we're in and the family that we've grown to be. It's amazing to be able to celebrate it with such a great team. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Dildine on whether she will celebrate the win: Yeah, in a hotel as much as we can. Just enjoy each other and enjoy the win. Absolutely.

Stephanie Lynch on her play this weekend: Me being able to get those kills just goes all back to our defense. Our defense was amazing this weekend, and that's why we got to win the middle. Renata (Dargan) was getting the ball, making good sets, and everyone else being good hitters helped open things up for me as well.