Nov. 19, 2009

Courtesy Dowling Athletics

Oakdale, NY-The New Haven Chargers defeated the Pace University Setters in 3 sets at the East Regional Tournament.

The University of New Haven took a 25-17 victory in the first set of the match. Sara Malmlov and Elizabeth Akinbiyi of the Chargers both led the team with 3 kills. The Setters were led by Nora Rugova and S. Verdugo-Del Real also with 3 kills for the first set.

In the second set the Chargers claimed another victory with a 25-13 win. Sara Malmlov dominated the set with 5 kills and 3 digs. Pace University were led by Sianna Johnson with 3 kills.

The third and final set ended with another victory for the Chargers 25-18. The Setters fought till the end with 3 kills and 2 digs by Sianna Johnson but the New Haven Chargers duo Sara Malmlov and Elizabeth Akinbiyi was too strong.

Sara Malmlov led the Chargers with 16 kills and Sianna Johnson led the Setter attack with 8 kills.

The University of New Haven will play tomorrow at 5 PM against The Purple Knights of Bridgeport.