Ashley Schnader | Juniata | Jr. | MH

• City or country? I’ve always been and always will be a country girl.
• Cat or Dog? Dog. Hands down.
• Last song you heard on your iPod: Monarchy of Roses by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
• Favorite ice cream flavor: Toss up between peanut butter and chocolate chip, but only the homemade ice cream that my grandma makes from my uncle’s drive in (Boehringer’s!)
• Favorite TV show: Friends
• Favorite Superhero: Batman. I have a slight obsession.

What makes a good teammate?

A good teammate is someone who has your back on and off the court. He or she doesn’t have to be your best friend, but they look out for you and what’s good for the team. It’s also someone who gives 100 percent at practice each day and doesn’t take any excuses. Definitely someone who challenges you and makes you mentally and physically more tough.


Jessie Heavenrich | Christopher Newport | Sr. | D 

• Favorite athlete: Misty May Treanor
• Favorite pre-game meal: Peanut butter and jelly
• Last song you heard on your iPod: Boom by Nelly
• Favorite topping on a pizza: Pineapple
• Favorite class: The Refugee Experience
• Favorite T.V. Show: The Office
• Strangest nickname you have: Denali
• Celebrity crush: Bradley Cooper

What is your proudest moment?  

My proudest moment was during my sophomore season. We were in New York playing Salisbury in the NCAA Regionals, and whoever won that game would advance to the quarterfinals. The CNU volleyball team had never made it that far before, so we were very excited. We were down 2-0, but ended up coming back and beating Salisbury 3-2. That year, we only had four returners and the rest were freshmen, and we all really pulled together as a team. That was the first time we looked at each other and knew we could be a part of something special, and since then, our team chemistry has been amazing.

Ali Sikic | Wisconsin-Platteville | Sr. | Setter

College of pro sports? Pro sports
• Cat or Dog? Dog
• Favorite ice cream flavor: Vanilla with sprinkles
• Lucky number: 25
• Movies or T.V.? T.V.
• Road trip or flight? Flight
• Winter or Summer Olympics? Winter
• Mountains or beach? Beach

What is the most difficult obstacle you've had to overcome?

Being a 5-foot-4 setter in volleyball is the most difficult obstacle. My coaches here have given me a chance to play in the front row and engage in blocks.

What is the one match you'll never forget?

At the WIAC Championships last year against UW-Eau Claire. It was such an intense match. Our team came together and our play was out of this world.


Natalie Schonefeld | Emory | Sr. | S

• Last song you heard on your iPod: Sweet and Low by Augustana
• Favorite ice cream flavor: Coconut chip from Graeter's
• Place most like to travel: South America
• Favorite class: Psychology of Social Influence
• Favorite T.V. show: Criminal Minds
• Favorite restaurant: Malone's in Lexington, Ky.
• Favorite quality in your head coach: Passion
• Most surprising/embarassing song on your iPod: White Lightning by George Jones

Who is your mentor and what is the most impactful thing they have taught you? 

My mentor is Joey Reiman, the CEO of Brighthouse Consulting. The most impactful thing he has taught me is to search for a passion, not a career. He also encourages people to get excited about problems because they tend to be disguised opportunities. Joey is the most passionate person I have had the opportunity to learn from. 


Erin VanderPlas | Calvin | Sr. | OH

• Country or city? City. I grew up in the country in Northern Michigan, but I fell in love with downtown Chicago when I lived there for an internship program last spring semester.
• Last song you heard on your iPod: Set Fire to the Rain by Adele
• Facebook or Twitter? Facebook. I’m not even sure how Twitter works just yet. But I’m getting my degree in business marketing so I just joined Twitter a couple weeks ago to try and figure it out.

What do you want to do when you graduate?

After graduating from Calvin College next spring, I hope to obtain a career in the areas of hospitality and business marketing. I would love to create reasons for people with common interests to travel to, attend and participate in events and festivals. I believe I have been blessed with strengths in passion, enthusiasm and an outgoing personality to create excitement for such events. I fell in love with Chicago this past spring and hope to find a job in a big city. I am going to try to move back there as soon as I can. I also don’t have a lot keeping me in one place after I graduate, so we will see. Maybe I will just travel the world for a while.


Meredith Ballard | Colorado College | Sr. | RS

• College or pro sports? Pro sports
• Favorite Athlete: Brian Urlacher
• Cat or Dog? Dog
• Favorite pro sports team: Chicago Cubs
• Last book you read: The Help
• Favorite T.V. show: Modern Family
• Winter or Summer Olympics? Winter
• Favorite sport other than the one you play: Baseball

What makes a good teammate?

Someone who respects you, trusts you and has confidence in you.

What is your best team memory?

Making it to the NCAA quarterfinals during my sophomore year (2009).