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Towson Athletics | September 20, 2018

Record-breaking Towson libero takes us through 60 seconds of internal play calling

Watch the best in women's volleyball take the court

TOWSON, Md. – Nearly 2,000 times in the course of her volleyball career at Towson University, Anna Holehouse has kept the ball off the ground.

It's not easy to be a libero, a defensive specialist whose primary job is to quarterback the defense. Sometimes, she may be pressed in to bump set if the normal setter touches the ball first.

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Court vision and remembering the scouting report is a big component of a quality libero. And for Towson, none have done it better as last weekend Holehouse became the program's all-time digs leader. Now as the Tigers begin Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) play this weekend, Holehouse looks to become the first player in program history with 2,000 digs.

Below is a second-by-second recap of Holehouse's record-breaking play, through her own eyes, in the first set of the Tigers' 3-1 win over La Salle Friday night at SECU Arena.

On the court: Anna Holehouse (libero), Marrisa Wonders(setter), Jocelyn Kuilan (right side), Silvia Grassini (middle blocker), Annie Ertz (outside hitter), Emily Jarome (outside hitter). Pre-serve instruction from assistant coach Megan Shifflett.


Towson trails in the first set 9-8.

00:00 – Megan gives a serving location, looking for weakest point. Who is in the front row? What are their hitting tendencies, based on scouting reports?

00:01 – Okay. Back row receives, gets it up to setter. Where is our block? On the right. Got it. Move to my left, line up with the attack. Where is their middle and who is on the outside?

00:05 – Attack goes off the block. The touch slowed it down. Gotta get to my right. There's Marrisa in the back row. Need to get this pass high and off the net for her. (Why is my team celebrating like that?)

00:10 – Marrisa gets the set up for Silvia. It goes to La Salle's back row. Retreat. Retreat. Back to home base, can't be among those trees above the 10-foot line.

00:14 – Pass gets up to the setter. Looks like she's going to the outside. Jocy and Silvia are there. Good.

00:16 – Marrisa gets the dig. Need to move back left. I have the second ball. Get the set high and off again for Jocy. Set was a little high and they got a block down.

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00:20 – PANIC. Marrisa had a great dig there. Need to bump set this one again. Let's try the left side this time for Annie. Great swing, Annie!

00:23 – Man, What a diving dig there. Woah! Ball is coming back over!

00:25 – Alright, Annie was at the net and got this up. Silvia gets it up with her left hand. Good. Jarome gets the pass back over to their back row. Let's reset on our side.

00:29 – Set's up at the net. That was a good pass. She can go to both hitters on this one. What are her tendencies in this situation? Looks like she's going middle on this one.

00:31 – Silvia is up there on her own for the solo block. The attack went off block, right at Jarome.

00:33 – Back over to their side after the dig. Need to recover again. Bump set. Coming from the outside. Probably won't be a huge swing. Blockers are off. Have a great look at this attack.

00:37 – Bless her soul. Right at me. I live for these ones. Marrisa is already moving. Let's get this pass close to the net for her. Whoops. Needed to get that a little closer.

00:39 – Only one blocker out there with Jocy. Looks like the other blocker went with Silvia to the middle. Big swing coming from Jocy!

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00:40 – Attack RIGHT at the back row. Setter is front row. Need to watch out for the dump. Sets up to the outside.

00:43 – GREAT block from Jocy and Silvia! Back onto their side. Reset!

00:46 – Bump set from the 10-foot line. Blockers off again. Eyes on the ball!

00:47 – Another shot at Em. Solid dig for a REALLY high ball. Marrisa's there. Going back to Jocy. Silvia dragged the middle with her. Good girl.

00:50 – Great swing, Jocy! Only one blocker there. A little tip off the tape and the blocker sends it out of bounds!

00:56 – YAAAAAAAY! Alright, catch our breaths. Time to go back to serve.

01:00 - Megan gives a serving location, looking for weakest point. Who is in the front row? What are their hitting tendencies, based on scouting reports?

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