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Michella Chester | NCAA.com | November 21, 2019

No. 3 Baylor knocks off No. 1 Texas in five, taking down the Longhorns for the first time since 2001

No. 3 Baylor and No. 1 Texas play a huge game Wednesday. The Bears' Shelly Stafford says a win would 'change history'

Baylor has been making history for their program all season, and they just did it again.

The Bears took down the No. 1 team in the country and avenged their loss to Texas earlier in the season. Not only that, but it was the first time they've pulled off a win over the Longhorns since 2001. 

Baylor's Shelly Stafford told NCAA.com that a win would change history, and that it did. 

Yossiana Pressley was out of this world, with 31 kills and 24 digs for the Bears. 

This match looked a lot different than the first time these two teams met this season. That match saw a quick and easy Texas sweep. This time, the Bears showed that that wasn't going to be the case pretty early on, and they did it in front of a record-breaking crowd. Before this match, the attendance record was 3,878. 7,357 people filled the stadium for this matchup.

Texas displayed a really balanced offense, and that did the trick last time over the Bears whose only threat was Pressley. Pressley still was the biggest contributor this time around, but some of her teammates came up big in really critical moments towards the end. Gia Milana finished with nine kills, and Shelly Stafford and Kara Mcghee tallied eight. 

The Longhorns didn't go down easy though and surely didn't allow the Bears to sweep them. After Baylor won the first two sets, they rallied to take the next two. It seemed to be critical for the Longhorns to take an early lead, which they did in the third and fourth sets. 

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The Longhorns actually outhit the Bears .194 to .182 but had an uncharacteristic amount of errors. They tallied 16 service errors on the night. 

Baylor still holds a perfect 11-0 record at home this season, which includes nine sweeps. This win was the highest-ranked win in school history, previously it was versus No. 2 Wisconsin last season.

Check out below for a set-by-set recap of tonight's five-setter. 

Score, live updates, stats

Baylor wins it, the Bears took the fifth set 15-9

The Bears pulled it off, taking down the Longhorns in five sets and knocking off the No. 1 team. 

Eggleston hammered down a kill for the Longhorns, and then two Texas errors sealed the deal for the Bears. 

Here is the moment the Bears won it: 

Fifth set: Baylor 14, Texas 7

The Longhorns have been playing most of this set with White and Fields on the bench. White looks like she has ice on her hands, and Fields has a brace on around her waist/back. 

In the meantime, Baylor has scored six in a row off of kills Stafford and Milana and three Texas errors. Baylor match point. 

Remember: the Bears haven't beaten Texas since 2001. 

Fifth set: Baylor 10, Texas 6

Texas came out of the time out with back-to-back points from Molly Phillips. 

Milana responded with a kill for the Bears, and then Eggleston sent one out-of-bounds for the Longhorns. The Bears are up by four. 

Fifth set: Baylor 8, Texas 4

Baylor just scored four in a row. And those points alternated between Mcghee and Pressley. Texas took a timeout. 

Fifth set: Baylor 5, Texas 4

The Longhorns came out of the timeout with the next two points, and then tied it up at four. Mcghee came up clutch with a big kill to regain the lead for the Bears. 

Fifth set: Baylor 3, Texas 0

Pressley took two swings, and the Bears are up by two. Then Eggleston committed an attack error for Texas, and the Longhorns took a timeout. 

In the two sets the Longhorns won, they took an early lead. This time, Baylor did. 

Texas took the fourth set 25-23

This Big 12 showdown is going to five. Pressley sent one out of bounds and the Longhorns took the fourth set. 

Through four sets, the Longhorns are hitting .195 to the Bear's .158.

After Baylor took the first two sets, the Longhorns fought back to take the next two. Pressley currently has 28 kills for the Bears, and Stafford and Milana have seven kills. The Longhorns look more even. White has 17 kills, Eggleston has 16, and Fields has 10. 

Fourth set: Baylor 24, Texas 23

Okay, this is a nail biter. Back-to-back Texas blocks tied it up at 23. Then White hammered one down to make it set-point Texas. 

Baylor called a timeout.

Fourth set: Baylor 20, Texas 19

A momentum shift was JUST what the Bears needed. It seems that they are starting to realize that they could secure the win if they pull it out in this set, and the crowd is behind it. 

Texas is fighting to stay alive though, Baylor took the lead again, by two points, with back-to-back Van der Mark kills. Texas took a timeout. 

Fourth set: Texas 18 , Baylor 18

Baylor tied it up at 14, but the Longhorns didn't let them take the lead. In fact, they responded with back-to-back kills from White. 

But not to fear, Pressley is always there. She responded with a monster kill, followed by a kill from Milana for the Bears. They then followed up the two good plays with two errors, then a 4-0 run to tie it up again. This one is going to keep us on our toes. 

Fourth set: Texas 14, Baylor 12

Did someone say 25 kills? Because thats how many Pressley has right now. The Bears climbed back within two, but the Longhorns just keep pouring it on, with so many offensive weapons. 

A kill by Pressley and then Milana brought them within two again. 

Fourth set: Texas 7, Baylor 3

Shanel Bramschreiber started off the set with an ace for the Longhorns, and the same offensive threats are putting up points for the Longhorns. Baylor called a timeout to regroup with Texas ahead 5-2. Out of the timeout, Pressley tallied her 22nd kill, then her 23rd. But Texas didn't stop either, and Fields hammered down two to take a 7-3 lead.

Check out one of Fields' kills. Oh, and she's a freshman!

Texas took the third set 25-21, stays alive

We are going to a fourth set in this tight No. 1 vs No. 3 matchup. 

The Longhorns suffered from multiple mistakes late in the third, allowing Baylor the chance to fight back. But Pressley fired one long to give Texas the set point, and then White finished it off. 

Third set: Texas 20, Baylor 15

The Bears are still trailing. This set, the Longhorns have been really consistent, and the crowd has quieted down a bit as the Bears stay behind. 

The Bears will need some sort of momentum shift to turn this thing around. 

Third set: Texas 13 , Baylor 10

After the 5-0 Texas run, Baylor scored eight points to Texas' five. The Longhorns have the lead still, but the Bears are climbing back into this thing. 

Eggleston and White each share 10 kills apiece so far. Whereas for Baylor, Pressley has 18 kills. 

Third set: Texas 7 , Baylor 2

The Longhorns took an early lead in this must-win set. They are continuing to display their well-balanced offense, with kills from White, O'Neal, Eggleston and Fields. Baylor's two points came from Pressley and Stafford, but Texas went on a 5-0 run to take a 7-2 lead. 

They aren't going to let the Bears take this match easily. 

Here is Fields' big kill: 

Baylor took the second set 25-23

The Bears just made a huge statement. Last time around, the Longhorns took all three sets, this time, Baylor is ahead 2 sets to one, and the crowd is rallying behind them. 

Pressley has been unbelievable. She has 17 kills for the Bears. Stafford is next with five kills. 

Second set: Texas 23, Baylor 20

This is exactly the kind of volleyball to be expected in this match. Baylor gained the lead 18-17, until Texas tied it back up. Butler took a second to calm down her teammates and give everyone a second to get calm and collected in between points. 

After that, Baylor scored the next two to re-gain the lead, and Texas called a time out. Eggleston scored the first point out of the timeout, and then Pressley made it 21-19 Bears. White answered for Texas, but Pressley is on a different level. Kill after kill. Baylor keeps the lead 23-20. 

Second set: Texas 16, Baylor 15

This set looks good for the Longhorns. The combination of White, Butler and Eggleston is dangerous on Texas' side of the court. 

Fields gave the Longhorns a 15-11 lead, but then the Bears battled back with a few Texas errors, and some typical Pressley action. Gia Milana hammered one in as well for the Bears, and Baylor is back within one. Texas called a timeout.

Second set: Texas 9, Baylor 8 

If you thought Pressley was finished, think again. To start off the second set, she got right to it and put the first two points on the board. The next two points were in Pressley's hands too. An attacking error gave Texas their first point, then she answered with a kill for Baylor.

Texas went on a 3-0 run following that, with a kill from White and Butler. 

For Baylor, Mcghee is making her presence known and showing that she isn't going to let Pressley do all the work. But Texas took the lead with kills from White and from O'Neal. 

It is point for point here in Waco. 

Baylor takes the first set 25-23

Baylor had control near the end of the set, but Texas did not let up. Pressley hammered one in that Texas made a fantastic save on. Pressley terminated a ball to get to set point, then a ball handling error on Baylor gave the Longhorns hope. Pressley did what she's been doing all set so far, and finished it off. 

This one is looking a little different than their last meeting, and the Bears have shown that they're in this to win it. 

Pressley had 10 kills in the first set. 

First set: Baylor 18, Texas 15

Out of the timeout, Eggleston hammered one down for Texas to stop the Baylor run. But Pressley keeps swinging, and keeps executing. White turned it on for the Longhorns, and tied it up again 14. A big block for Kara Mghee gave the Bears the edge, then Eggleston responded with another kill to tie it up at 15. Then, Baylor went on another 3-0 run forcing Texas to take another timeout. There is a lot of energy, on both ends. 

Now this is a No. 1 vs No. 3 match. 

Check out one of Pressley's huge kills:


First set: Baylor 12, Texas 9

Baylor took their first lead of the match, and they have some energy and momentum on their side. The Bears just went on a 5-0 run and forced the Longhorns to take a timeout. Pressley is on fire, but she isn't the only one making something happen for the Bears. 

The match is underway

First set: Texas 5, Baylor 5

The Longhorns fired first, but the Bears have showed that this isn't going to be easy. We are tied in Waco.

Pregame: 7:30 p.m. ET

No. 1 Texas is on the road tonight in Waco, Texas for a rematch against Baylor. First serve is set for 8 p.m. ET. 

Last time these two Big 12 teams faced each other this season, Baylor was the No. 1 team in the country and undefeated. This time, Texas is No. 1. Over 6,400 tickets have been bought for tonight's match, so it should be in front of one of the biggest crowds Baylor volleyball has ever seen. 

For the Bears to be successful, they will need multiple players to make an impact, not just Yossiana Pressley. 

Here are some players to watch: 

Yossiana Pressley
Shelly Stafford
Gia Milana
Marieke Van der Mark

Micaya White
Brionne Butler
Logan Eggleston
Asjia O'Neal

Preview, history, how to watch

Earlier this season

A rematch you say? The first time the Longhorns and Bears faced each other this season, Texas dominated. They took down the Bears in three-straight sets, marking Baylor's first and only loss of the season and taking their first place spot in the rankings. 

Texas displayed a stellar front line and productive offense. Their front line produced 12 blocks on the match. Brionne Butler alone had eight of those. With that, they held the Bears to .084 hitting. Yossiana Pressley had 18 kills for Baylor, but no other Bears player put up more than four. One player wasn't enough for the Bears, especially against a team like Texas. 

That may have changed, though. In their most recent win over Kansas, three Bears players tallied double-digit kills. Seniors Gia Milana and Shelly Stafford recorded double-digit kills with 13 and 11, respectively. Pressley had 17 kills. 

Stafford told NCAA.com that after the loss, they got back into the gym and had one of their best practices this season and that a win would, 'change history.'


The Bears are currently on a 35-match losing streak to the Longhorns. Their last win over Texas was Oct. 27, 2001, where BU took down the Longhorns in five sets in Waco. The Bears lost in 2000 to Texas and won in five sets in 1999. 

But before 1999, the Baylor Bears had 42 unsuccessful tries as a member of the AIAW/NCAA and 46 overall, to beat their Texas rival. 

So, Stafford really meant it when she said a win would 'change history." In fact, it has been a historical entire season for the Bears, who have accomplished their highest ever ranking in program history. 

How they matchup, statistically

The Longhorns have a higher hitting efficiency now than the Bears. On the service line, the Longhorns seem to take a few more risks. They have more aces, but also a lot more errors. 

.295 Percentage .333
14.6 Kills/set 14
13.7 Assists/set 13.1
1 Aces/set 1.7
157 Errors 218
1 Errors/set 1
14.6 Digs/set 12.8
2.6 Blocks/set 2.6

How to watch 

The match will be this Wednesday, Nov. 20 at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN+. Here is the link to stream on ESPN online. 

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