With the 2011 season starting Labor Day weekend, three seniors from Air Force, Anson Harvey, Taque Patino and team captain Danny Harold, preview the Falcons upcoming season.

What are your expectations/goals going into this season?

Danny Harold: Our goal is to win the WWPA championship and make it to the NCAA championship. Our expectations are pretty high. We think the team is looking better this season than any other team we have seen before. And our camaraderie is definitely better than any season we have been here.

What is the team's biggest strength this year?

Anson Harvey: Our biggest strengths would have to be our speed and of course, our team unity/cohesion.

Is there a certain tournament or game you're looking forward to most this year?

Harold: The next one and the WWPA Championships. We are looking forward to playing Loyola Marymount and UC San Diego at home this year. We haven't had a really big home game like those in a while. It's been real hard with home games the past couple of years with the pool reconstruction and teams unwilling to fly out here. It's cool to have to pretty good teams coming out.

How have you progressed as a player since you arrived at the Academy as a freshman?

Harvey: I guess everywhere. All aspects of the game. I just got a lot smarter because I stayed about the same size.

Harold: Unfortunately I haven't gotten a lot bigger or stronger either. But I think I've become a little bit quicker and my legs are stronger than before. I have become a lot smarter and my passing has improved a lot.

Taque Patino: Through our coaching here I have become a much smarter player, as well. I haven't become much bigger or stronger, just overall a smarter player.

What do you think people should know about Air Force water polo?

Patino: That we have a team. And that we are pretty good. People just need to come to a game and see what water polo is about. People need to know the fact that there is a team in Colorado that trains just as hard as, if not harder than, any team on the East or West Coast.