Mike Schofield has spent 27 years leading the Navy water polo team. He has led the Midshipmen to 13 NCAA appearances and nine CWPA Eastern championships. Schofield has been named Eastern Coach of the Year seven times, National Coach of the Year once and has produced twenty-eight All-Americans in his tenure. He discusses Navy’s chances in the NCAA tournament and his two breakout players.

What does Navy need to do to win Easterns and get back to the NCAA championship game?

Schofield:  To win Easterns, we need to play up to our potential every game, one quarter at a time.  We have struggled to be a consistent team all season long.

Paul Pedrotty is having a breakout campaign as he is leading your team in total points and has forty-six goals on the season.  What makes him such an outstanding player?

Schofield:  Paul has worked fairly hard.  He is an excellent spot shooter and Randy Burgess from Coronado High School deserves a lot of credit for that.  He has been a good shooter since he showed up.  He is becoming a better all-around player, defender and has gotten stronger.

Kyle Wertz is a top-notch lefty that is having a nice year for your team.  What makes him the great player that he is?

Schofield: He is big, strong and has a world-class arm.  When he is playing well, the game comes easy to him along with the rest of our team.