Nov. 21, 2008

The second match of the season for the Warhawks didn’t go as hoped Wednesday night at UW-Parkside. The score was Whitewater 17 and Parkside 20. Parkside is again, the rightful owner of the prized Sake Bottle.

This Sake Bottle was brought to the United States by coaches Willie Myers (former Whitewater wrestling coach) and current coach of UW-Parkside, Jim Koch. The coaches had purchased it some years ago in a wrestling tour in Korea and Japan and made it into a trophy. This year, UW-Parkside keeps the Sake Bottle until the teams meet up again next year. This is a long lasting tradition and has hopes to keep it going for years to come.

Results are as follows:
125 Cody Zimmerman, UWP pinned Jake Fredrickson, WW in 6:54
133 Kyle Wachholder, WW def. Brandon Kircher, UWP 6-4
141 Austin Bautista, WW def Mike Migawa, UWP 12-4
149 Matt Schuck, WW def. Raymond Hunter, UWP 17-7
157 Nick Mayenschein, UWP def Corey Schmidt, WW 8-1
165 Corey VanGroll, UWP def. Pat Nagel, WW 4-1
174 Luke Rynish, UWP def. Reid Dickerson, WW 12-3
184 Lucas Haag, UWP def. David Casper, WW 11-2
197 Karl Voeck, WW def. Malcolm Briggs, UWP 9-7
285 Sean Evans, WW def. Jon Treml, UWP 2-0

Whitewater is now 2-1 overall.

The next match for the Warhawks will be on Saturday, November 22 at the Concordia Open. This will take place in Mequon, Wisconsin starting at 9 AM.