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NCAA Release | March 16, 2014

DIII participants, brackets announced

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA Division III Wrestling Committee announced on Monday the participants in the 2014 NCAA Division III Wrestling Championship.

The championships will be held March 14-15 at the US Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Cornell (Iowa) will serve as the host.

A total of 180 participants will compete in the championships. Student-athletes qualified for the championship by placing top-three in their respective weight classes at one of the six NCAA regional tournaments held on March 1 and 2. NCAA.com will stream all sessions.

Complete Championship Brackets

125Daniel PageCentral (Iowa)Central (Loras)
125Nicholas RiveraDubuqueCentral (Loras)
125Gilberto CamachoWartburgCentral (Loras)
133Phillip OpeltCornell (Iowa)Central (Loras)
133Evan ObertLutherCentral (Loras)
133Kenny AndersonWartburgCentral (Loras)
141Brian TravisDubuqueCentral (Loras)
141Matt HolmesLorasCentral (Loras)
141Connor CampoWartburgCentral (Loras)
149Trevor EngleCornell (Iowa)Central (Loras)
149Nick DrendelDubuqueCentral (Loras)
149Mark PineroWartburgCentral (Loras)
157Dimitri BoyerCoeCentral (Loras)
157Steven DeWittLorasCentral (Loras)
157Brett YonkovicWartburgCentral (Loras)
165Farai SeweraCoeCentral (Loras)
165Derek MizaurDubuqueCentral (Loras)
165Cole WelterWartburgCentral (Loras)
174Ethan BallCoeCentral (Loras)
174Brent HammCornell (Iowa)Central (Loras)
174Landon WilliamsWartburgCentral (Loras)
184Thomas ReyhonsAugustana (Ill.)Central (Loras)
184Ryan SheldonCoeCentral (Loras)
184Jayden DeVilbissLutherCentral (Loras)
197Donnie HornerCoeCentral (Loras)
197Alex CoolidgeCornell (Iowa)Central (Loras)
197Punahele SorianoWartburgCentral (Loras)
HWCorey BeckerCoeCentral (Loras)
HWJames BussLorasCentral (Loras)
HWRyan FankWartburgCentral (Loras)
125Kevin CorriganTCNJEast (Kings)
125Paul BewakJohns HopkinsEast (Kings)
125Michael MuiMerchant MarineEast (Kings)
133Jaydon RiceHunterEast (Kings)
133Ryan O'BoyleMcDanielEast (Kings)
133Myzar MendozaWilkesEast (Kings)
141Logan MeisterFerrumEast (Kings)
141Henry StauberJohns HopkinsEast (Kings)
141Brandon JonesNew YorkEast (Kings)
149Dylan ThorsonTCNJEast (Kings)
149Vinny FavaDelaware ValleyEast (Kings)
149Mark HartenstineWilkesEast (Kings)
157Emmanuel AjagbeDelaware ValleyEast (Kings)
157Richie JasinskiUrsinusEast (Kings)
157Kristopher KrawchukWilkesEast (Kings)
165Chris BurdgeTCNJEast (Kings)
165Tommy DesirKings (Pa.)East (Kings)
165Anthony CarloUrsinusEast (Kings)
174Zach ZotolloYCNJEast (Kings)
174Joshua SibbliesTCNJEast (Kings)
174Kyle DieselWilkesEast (Kings)
184Brian BroderickTCNJEast (Kings)
184Giovanni SantiagoTCNJEast (Kings)
184Ryan DormannStevensEast (Kings)
197Aaron KarnsDelaware ValleyEast (Kings)
197Christian PsomasUrsinusEast (Kings)
197Eric BachWilkesEast (Kings)
HWZach RoseberryDelaware ValleyEast (Kings)
HWMatan PelegUrsinusEast (Kings)
HWWilliam FletcherWilkesEast (Kings)
125Jesse GunterBalwin WallaceMideast (York)
125Matthias Ellis IIBrockportMideast (York)
125Lucas MalmbergMessiahMideast (York)
133Andrew TaylorBalwin WallaceMideast (York)
133Colin McDermittHeidelbergMideast (York)
133Jeremy BorderMount UnionMideast (York)
141Kaleb LottMessiahMideast (York)
141Wayne BlackMount St. JosephMideast (York)
141Bryant RobyMount UnionMideast (York)
149Daniel MirmanJohn CarrollMideast (York)
149Brad MayvilleRITMideast (York)
149Luke LohrWaynesburgMideast (York)
157Terner GottJohn CarrollMideast (York)
157Jon GarrisonMount UnionMideast (York)
157Josh EtzelWashington & JeffersonMideast (York)
165David ShapiroBalwin WallaceMideast (York)
165Stephen CannonMessiahMideast (York)
165Nicholas CarrWashington & JeffersonMideast (York)
174William HermanElizabethtownMideast (York)
174Ricardo PlummerMessiahMideast (York)
174Anthony BonaventuraWaynesburgMideast (York)
184Josh ThomsonMessiahMideast (York)
184David DibenedettoWashington and JeffersonMideast (York)
184Cameron FineWaynesburgMideast (York)
197Paul GloverBrockportMideast (York)
197Jason RussellHeidelbergMideast (York)
197Jacob LowryThielMideast (York)
HWNino MajoyHeidelbergMideast (York)
HWSean BrooksMount St. JosephMideast (York)
HWCody LovejoyOhio NorthernMideast (York)
125Nicolas SantosNorth CentralMidwest (Wabash)
125Robert BidlingmaierOlivetMidwest (Wabash)
125Tommy PoynterWabashMidwest (Wabash)
133Brandon PrestonTrineMidwest (Wabash)
133Dustin WeinmannWisconsin-LaCrosseMidwest (Wabash)
133Jimmy NehlsWisconsin-WhitewaterMidwest (Wabash)
141Charles BanaszakChicagoMidwest (Wabash)
141Justin HolmOlivetMidwest (Wabash)
141Matt AdcockWisconsin-WhitewaterMidwest (Wabash)
149Ryan PraterElmhurstMidwest (Wabash)
149Gage PedersonOlivetMidwest (Wabash)
149Elroy PerkinsWisconsin-WhitewaterMidwest (Wabash)
157Josh TardyNorth CentralMidwest (Wabash)
157Reece LefeverWabashMidwest (Wabash)
157Mark SavenokWheaton (Ill.)Midwest (Wabash)
165Josh SampsonWabashMidwest (Wabash)
165Stephen AielloWheaton (Ill.)Midwest (Wabash)
165Cedric GibsonWisconsin-WhitewaterMidwest (Wabash)
174Jamie JakesAlmaMidwest (Wabash)
174Nicholas AllenOlivetMidwest (Wabash)
174Conner LefeverWabashMidwest (Wabash)
184Jeff HolmOlivetMidwest (Wabash)
184Riley LefeverWabashMidwest (Wabash)
184Eric TwoheyWisconsin-La CrosseMidwest (Wabash)
197Danny BalderasElmhurstMidwest (Wabash)
197Austin O'NeilWabashMidwest (Wabash)
197Shane SiefertWisconsin-WhitewaterMidwest (Wabash)
HWMackenzie GreenTrineMidwest (Wabash)
HWJacob MinskeWisconsin-LaCrosseMidwest (Wabash)
HWAnthony EdgrenWisconsin-WhitewaterMidwest (Wabash)
125Jimmy KaishianIthacaNortheast (Wesleyan)
125Jonathan MurrayRhode Island CollegeNortheast (Wesleyan)
125Sean KempfCortland StateNortheast (Wesleyan)
133Alex GomezIthacaNortheast (Wesleyan)
133Silas MurrayRhode Island CollegeNortheast (Wesleyan)
133Nathaniel GiorgioCoast GuardNortheast (Wesleyan)
141Dominick GiacoloneIthacaNortheast (Wesleyan)
141Michael FerindeJohnson & Wales (R.I.)Northeast (Wesleyan)
141Brian BistisCortland StateNortheast (Wesleyan)
149Joey GaccioneJohnson & Wales (R.I.)Northeast (Wesleyan)
149Eric HamrickSpringfieldNortheast (Wesleyan)
149Bobby DiernaCortland StateNortheast (Wesleyan)
157Kevin CollinsIthacaNortheast (Wesleyan)
157Everet DesiletsJohnson & Wales (R.I.)Northeast (Wesleyan)
157Jorge LopezWilliamsNortheast (Wesleyan)
165Kristoph SchimekIthacaNortheast (Wesleyan)
165Collin CrowellRoger WilliamsNortheast (Wesleyan)
165Dylan FoleySpringfieldNortheast (Wesleyan)
174Carlos ToribioIthacaNortheast (Wesleyan)
174Colin LenhardtJohnson Wales (R.I.)Northeast (Wesleyan)
174Lou PucaCortland StateNortheast (Wesleyan)
184David WelchRoger WilliamsNortheast (Wesleyan)
184Jonathan DeupreeSouthern MaineNortheast (Wesleyan)
184Christop ChorzepaWilliamsNortheast (Wesleyan)
197Shane ParcelRoger WilliamsNortheast (Wesleyan)
197Joe GiaramitaCortland StateNortheast (Wesleyan)
197Petros HologitasTrinity (Conn.)Northeast (Wesleyan)
HWRicky CausoBridgewater StateNortheast (Wesleyan)
HWLance MooreCortland StateNortheast (Wesleyan)
HWKyle McGuireTrinity (Conn.)Northeast (Wesleyan)
125Mike FuenffingerAugsburgWest (Augsburg)
125Sean AmbrocioConcordia (Wis.)West (Augsburg)
125Cole FergusonWisconsin-PlattevilleWest (Augsburg)
133Chad BartschenfeldAugsburgWest (Augsburg)
133Marcus LubnerConcordia (Wis.)West (Augsburg)
133Jacoby BergeronConcordia-MoorheadWest (Augsburg)
141Marcus HamerAugsburgWest (Augsburg)
141Ben HenleSt. John's (Minn.)West (Augsburg)
141Nathaniel BehnkeWisconsin-Eau ClaireWest (Augsburg)
149Will KeeterAugsburgWest (Augsburg)
149Jacob LongConcordia-MoorheadWest (Augsburg)
149Ryan SeidlerWisconsin-Eau ClaireWest (Augsburg)
157Kyle LeDucConcordia-MoorheadWest (Augsburg)
157Carl ElmerSt. OlafWest (Augsburg)
157Nazar KulchytskyyWisconsin-OshkoshWest (Augsburg)
165Justin BowlandAugsburgWest (Augsburg)
165Jake KrogstadConcordia-MoorheadWest (Augsburg)
165Peter KootstraMilwaukee EngineeringWest (Augsburg)
174Sebastian GardnerConcordia-MoorheadWest (Augsburg)
174James RoachSt. OlafWest (Augsburg)
174Dan SchiferlWisconsin-OshkoshWest (Augsburg)
184Tommy TeigenAugsburgWest (Augsburg)
184Christian HarrisonConcordia-MoorheadWest (Augsburg)
184Caleb MalychewskiPacificWest (Augsburg)
197Matt HechselAugsburgWest (Augsburg)
197Jake ReutelerConcordia (Wis.)West (Augsburg)
197Ryan MichaelisSt. John's (Minn.)West (Augsburg)
HWChad JohnsonAugsburgWest (Augsburg)
HWCody KasprickConcordia-MoorheadWest (Augsburg)
HWZack GibsonSt. OlafWest (Augsburg)


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