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K.J. Pilcher | The Gazette | December 27, 2014

Iowa's Evans and Burak receive top pre-seeds for the Ken Kraft Midlands Championships

  Iowa's Mike Evans is the top pre-seed in 174 for the Midlands.

Northwestern has released the pre-seeds and top contenders list for the 52nd Ken Kraft Midlands Championships that will be held Dec. 29-30 at Welsh Ryan Arena in Evanston, Ill.

Iowa's Mike Evans (174) and 197-pounder Nathan Burak, who is wrestling unattached to maintain the possibility of a red-shirt season. were list No. 1 at their weight classes. Thomas Gilman (125), Cory Clark (133) and heavyweight Bobby Telford were second pre-seeds, Brody Grothus (149), 165-pounder Nick Moore and Sammy Brooks at 184 are pre-seeded third, while Josh Dziewa is fourth at 141.

Red-shirt freshman Brandon Sorensen is eighth at 149, placing third at the tournament last year. Alex Meyer gives Iowa two seeded wrestlers at 174, owning the No. 6 spot.


1 Jesse Delgado, Illinois

2. Thomas Gilman, Iowa

3. Joey Dance, Virginia Tech

4. Darian Cruz, Lehigh (Unattached)

5. Josh Martinez, Air Force

6. Josh Rodriguez, North Dakota State

7. Brandon Jeske, Old Dominion

8. Kory Mines, Edinboro

9. Shayne Wireman, Eastern Michigan

10. Barlow McGee, Missouri (Unattached)

11. Stevan Micic, Northwestern (Unattached)

12. Ryak Finch, Grand View


1. AJ Schopp, Edinboro

2. Cory Clark, Iowa

3. Jarrod Garnett, Lehigh Valley Athletic Club

4. Mason Beckman, Lehigh

5. Zane Richards, Illinois

6. Geoffrey Alexander, Maryland

7. Ryan Taylor, Wisconsin

8. Danny Sabatello, Purdue

9. Kevin Norstrem, Virginia Tech

10. Robert Deutsch, Rider

11. Caleb Richardson, Penn

12. Ian Nickell, CSU Bakersfield

Tyler Clark (Unattached)

Josh Alber, Northern Iowa (Unattached)


1. Mitchell Port, Edinboro

2. Devin Carter, Virginia Tech

3. Richard Durso, Franklin & Marshall (Unattached)

4. Josh Dziewa, Iowa

5. Chris Mecate, Old Dominion

6. Todd Preston, Harvard

7. Shyheim Brown, Maryland

8. Mitch Bengsten, North Dakota State

9. Stephen Rodriquez, Illinois

10. Alex Kocer, South Dakota State

11. Joey McKenna, Lehigh Valley Athletic Club

12. Brandon Wright, Grand View


1. Jason Tsirtsis, Northwestern

2. David Habat, Edinboro

3. Brody Grothus, Iowa

4. Lenny Richardson, Old Dominion

5. Adam Krop, Princeton

6. CJ Cobb, Penn

7. BJ Clagon, Rider

8. Brandon Sorensen, Iowa

9. Laike Gardner, Lehigh (Unattached)

10. Ryan Lubeck, Wisconsin

11. Sal Mastriani, Virginia Tech

12. Kyle Langenderfer, Illinois

Gustavo Martinez, Grand View


1. Isaiah Martinez, Illinois

2. Cody Pack, South Dakota State

3. Markus Scheidel, Columbia

4. Justin Staudenmayer, Brown

5. Mike Kelly, Iowa

6. Chad Welsh, Rider

7. Brandon Zeerip, Eastern Michigan

8. Doug Welch, Purdue

9. Edwin Cooper, Iowa

10. Andrew Morse, Northern Illinois

11/12. TBD based on entries


1. Isaac Jordan, Wisconsin

2. Taylor Walsh, Indiana

3. Nick Moore, Iowa

4. Pierce Harger, Northwestern

5. Jackson Morse, Illinois

6. Nestor Taffur (Unattached)

7. Tristan Warner, Old Dominion

8. Adam Fierro, CSU Bakersfield

9. Jesse Stafford, Air Force

10. Jon Schleifer, Princeton

11. Connor Brennan, Rider

12. Pat Robinson, Purdue


1. Mike Evans, Iowa

2. Zac Brunson, Illinois

3. Zach Epperly, Virginia Tech

4. Bryce Hammond, CSU Bakersfield

5. Kurtis Julson, North Dakota State

6. Alex Meyer, Iowa

7. Brock Gutches, Southern Oregon

8. Nate Jackson, Indiana

9. Burke Paddock, Iowa

10. John Sebastian, Northwestern (Unattached)


1. Lorenzo Thomas, Penn

2. Jack Dechow, Old Dominion

3. Sammy Brooks, Iowa

4. Hayden Zillmer, North Dakota State

5. Ophir Bernstein, Brown

6. Vic Avery, Edinboro

7. Nikko Reyes, Illinois

8. Ricky Robertson, Wisconsin

9. Austin Gabel, Virginia Tech

10. Clint Morrison, Rider

11. Brett Harner, Princeton

12. Zach Hernandez, Columbia


1. Nathan Burak, Iowa (Unattached)

2. Alex Polizzi, Northwestern

3. Abram Ayala, Princeton

4. Braden Atwood, Purdue

5. Nathan Rotert, South Dakota State

6. Timmy McCall, Wisconin

7. Joe Rau, Minnesota Storm

8. Jared Haught, Virginia Tech

9. Lucas Sheridan, Indiana

10. James Fox, Harvard

11. Vince Pickett, Edinboro

12. Shawn Scott, Northern Illinois


1. Mike McMullan, Northwestern

2. Bobby Telford, Iowa

3. Connor Medbery, Wisconsin

4. Ty Walz, Virginia Tech

5. Evan Knutson, North Dakota State

6. Tyler Deuel, Binghamton

7. Jacob Henderson, Old Dominion

8. J.J. Everard, South Dakota State

9. Ray O'Donnell, Princeton

10. David Ng, Harvard

11. Garrett Ryan, Columbia

12. Brooks Black, Illinois

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