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USA Wrestling | November 30, 2015

College Dual Meet results from the Grapple at the Garden including No. 14 Rutgers over No. 7 Cornell

NEW YORK – The score clock showed a two-point deficit entering the final period at 125 pounds as redshirt sophomore Sean McCabe took his place in the defensive position.

Two minutes and two takedowns later, McCabe had his hand raised in an upset win against No. 18 Dalton Macri, and by dual’s end the Scarlet Knights had another ranked win, this one over No. 7 Cornell, 21-13, to close the 2015 “Grapple at the Garden.”

Rutgers (9-1) took six of 10 bouts from the Big Red (1-2) for their first win over Cornell since Jan. 31, 1998.

“Duals are important to me and duals are important to this staff,” said head coach Scott Goodale. “We want to wrestle the best teams, we want to go to different environments, and we want to wrestle programs like Cornell. It’s important to wrestle these big matches. There’s a long way to go, we’ve just got to keep getting better.”

Cornell scored victories from its ranked wrestlers at 133, 174, and 184 pounds after dropping the 125-pound match. No. 4 Nahshon Garrrett won a 6-1 decision over No. 17 Anthony Giraldo, No. 2 Brian Realbuto topped Phillip Bakuckas, 6-1, and No. 1 Gabe Dean outlasted Nicholas Gravina  for a key 13-5 major decision.

But the rest of the RU lineup picked up the slack, beginning with No. 3 Anthony Ashnault at 141 pounds. Already with an 8-2 lead entering the third, Ashnault finished his day with his second fall in 5:14 against Dylan Realbuto.

Tyson Dippery secured a crucial decision at 149 pounds by escaping the grasp of Joseph Galasso in the third period and hanging on for a 5-4 win. Dippery improved to 7-3 this season.

A loss at 157 pounds to John Van Brill cut the RU lead to 12-6, turning the attention to a ranked showdown at 165 pounds.

Once again, No. 9 Anthony Perrotti  made his presence felt. His 6-2 decision against No. 10 Duke Pickett improves his resume to 3-1 against ranked opposition this season, and bumps his record to 8-1 overall.

Wins by Cornell in the next two bouts shifted the pressure back to RU’s side of the mat, making the team score 15-13 with two matches to go.

Hayden Hrymack answered the bell, grinding out a 10-7 decision at 197 pounds to all but seal the dual. With an 8-4 lead entering the third, Hrymack succumbed to an escape and takedown to cut his lead to 8-7 in a hurry.

But Hrymack (7-3) stayed composed and escaped Scott’s grasp, securing riding time for the three point win.

With Cornell needing a fall at heavyweight to win the dual due to Ashnault’s pin earlier in the match, RU’s Billy Smith left no doubt the Scarlet Knights would prevail.

Smith (8-2) coasted to an 8-1 decision against Jeramy Sweany, giving Rutgers its first top-10 win and fourth overall against ranked opposition this season.

“It validates what we’re doing is right” Goodale said. “The way we’re training, the way these guys are buying in, the way these guys believe – it validates all of that. But it doesn’t mean anything unless we go to Iowa City and wrestle well. So we’ve got to keep working, keep knocking off ranked opponents, and that’s what it’s all about for us.”The big story from this year’s Grapple at the Garden was an upset win by No. 14 Rutgers over No. 7 Cornell, 21-13. Rutgers won six of the 10 matches in the dual.

In another dual with two ranked teams, No. 5 Nebraska defeated No. 7 Cornell, 21-13.

Below are the results from the dual meets at the Grapple at the Garden. A full story will be posted later this afternoon.


Div. I Duals

No. 14 Rutgers 21, No. 7 Cornell 13
125 Sean McCabe (Rutgers) over Dalton Macri (Cornell) Dec 6-5
133 Nahshon Garrett (Cornell) over Anthony Giraldo (Rutgers) Dec 6-1
141 Anthony Ashnault (Rutgers) over Dylan Realbuto (Cornell) Fall 5:14
149 Tyson Dippery (Rutgers) over Joseph Galasso (Cornell) Dec 5-4
157 Christopher Dowdy (Cornell) over John Vanbrill (Rutgers) Dec 11-6
165 Anthony Perrotti (Rutgers) over George Pickett (Cornell) Dec 6-2
174 Brian Realbuto (Cornell) over Phil Bakuckas (Rutgers) Dec 6-1
184 Gabriel Dean (Cornell) over Nicholas Gravina (Rutgers) Maj 13-5
197 Hayden Hrymack (Rutgers) over Owen Scott (Cornell) Dec 10-7
285 Billy Smith (Rutgers) over Jeramy Sweany (Cornell) Dec 8-1

No. 5 Nebraska 21, No. 7 Cornell 14
125 Tim Lambert (Nebraska) over Dalton Macri (Cornell) Dec 6-4
133 Nahshon Garrett (Cornell) over Eric Montoya (Nebraska) Maj 11-3
141 Anthony Abidin (Nebraska) over Mark Grey (Cornell) TF 23-5
149 Jake Sueflohn (Nebraska) over Joseph Galasso (Cornell) Maj 12-4
157 Tyler Berger (Nebraska) over Christopher Dowdy (Cornell) Dec 11-4
165 Austin Wilson (Nebraska) over George Pickett (Cornell) Dec 2-0
174 Brian Realbuto (Cornell) over Micah Barnes (Nebraska) Dec 9-6
184 Gabriel Dean (Cornell) over Timothy Dudley (Nebraska) Maj 11-3
197 Aaron Studebaker (Nebraska) over Jacob Taylor (Cornell) TB-1 3-2
285 Jeramy Sweany (Cornell) over Collin Jensen (Nebraska) Dec 5-2

No. 5 Nebraska 21, Princeton 12
125 Tim Lambert (Nebraska) over Pat D`Arcy (Princeton) Dec 3-1
133 Eric Montoya (Nebraska) over Trey Aslanian (Princeton) Maj 17-5
141 Jordan Laster (Princeton) over Anthony Abidin (Nebraska) Dec 2-1
149 Chris Perez (Princeton) over Jake Sueflohn (Nebraska) Dec 12-10
157 Tyler Berger (Nebraska) over Francesco Fabozzi (Princeton) Dec 10-3
165 Austin Wilson (Nebraska) over Judd Ziegler (Princeton) TF 16-1
174 Micah Barnes (Nebraska) over Jonathan Schleifer (Princeton) Dec 7-4
184 Timothy Dudley (Nebraska) over Abram Ayala (Princeton) SV-1 7-5
197 Brett Harner (Princeton) over Derek White (Nebraska) SV-1 3-1
285 Ray O`Donnell (Princeton) over Collin Jensen (Nebraska) Dec 5-4

No. 14 Rutgers 47, George Mason 9
125 Sean McCabe (Rutgers) over Ibrahim Banduka (George Mason) Fall 2:16
133 Anthony Giraldo (Rutgers) over Vince Rodriguez (George Mason) TF 16-0
141 Anthony Ashnault (Rutgers) over Tejon Anthony (George Mason) Fall 2:45
149 Tyson Dippery (Rutgers) over Konbeh Koroma (George Mason) TF 15-0
157 John Vanbrill (Rutgers) over Gregory Flournoy (George Mason) Maj 15-6
165 Anthony Perrotti (Rutgers) over Patrick Davis (George Mason) Maj 20-6
174 Phil Bakuckas (Rutgers) over Ryan Forrest (George Mason) Maj 17-4
184 Nicholas Gravina (Rutgers) over Austin Harrison (George Mason) Fall 4:54
197 Hayden Hrymack (Rutgers) over cameron Houston (George Mason) Dec 9-3
285 Billy Smith (Rutgers) over Matt Voss (George Mason) Maj 15-2

No. 12 Illinois 34, Maryland 9
125 Francis Edelen (Illinois) over Jhared Simmons (Maryland) Dec 8-6
133 Zane Richards (Illinois) over Tyler Goodwin (Maryland) Fall 4:20
141 Brock Ervin (Illinois) over Alfred Bannister (Maryland) Dec 3-2
149 Wade Hodges (Maryland) over Kyle Langenderfer (Illinois) Dec 3-1
157 Isaiah Martinez (Illinois) over Louis Mascola (Maryland) TF 24-5
165 Steven Rodrigues (Illinois) over Brendan Burnham (Maryland) Dec 13-8
174 Zach Brunson (Illinois) over Josh Snook (Maryland) Fall 3:22
184 Jaron Smith (Maryland) over Jeffrey Koepke (Illinois) Fall 4:14
197 Andre Lee (Illinois) over Sean Twigg (Maryland) TF 18-3
285 Brooks Black (Illinois) over Youssif Hemida (Maryland) Dec 6-1

No. 12 Illinois 31, Drexel 9
125 Zachary Fuentes (Drexel) over Francis Edelen (Illinois) Dec 6-0
133 Zane Richards (Illinois) over David Pearce (Drexel) Maj 15-6
141 Brock Ervin (Illinois) over Anthony Canfora (Drexel) TF 17-0
149 Matthew Cimato (Drexel) over Kyle Langenderfer (Illinois) Dec 3-2
157 Isaiah Martinez (Illinois) over Michael Comunale (Drexel) Fall 1:49
165 Steven Rodrigues (Illinois) over Austin Rose (Drexel) Maj 17-4
174 Nicholas Elmer (Drexel) over Emory Parker (Illinois) Dec 7-3
184 Jeffrey Koepke (Illinois) over Stephen Loiseau (Drexel) Inj 4:11
197 Andre Lee (Illinois) over Nezar Haddad (Drexel) Dec 4-1
285 Brooks Black (Illinois) over Joseph Goodhart (Drexel) Dec 6-1

Maryland 24, Hofstra 13
125 Jhared Simmons (Maryland) over Bryan Damon (Hofstra) Dec 5-0
133 Tyler Goodwin (Maryland) by forfeit
141 Jamel Hudson (Hofstra) over Alfred Bannister (Maryland) Dec 6-3
149 Wade Hodges (Maryland) over Ryan Burkert (Hofstra) Fall 2:25
157 Louis Mascola (Maryland) over Jahlani Callender (Hofstra) Dec 8-6
165 Brendan Burnham (Maryland) over Bobby Fehr (Hofstra) Dec 4-2
174 Frank Affronti (Hofstra) over Josh Snook (Maryland) Dec 4-0
184 Jermaine John (Hofstra) over Jaron Smith (Maryland) Dec 6-4
197 Garrett Wesneski (Maryland) over Omar Haddad (Hofstra) Dec 1-0
285 Mike Hughes (Hofstra) over Youssif Hemida (Maryland) Maj 8-0

Princeton 33, Hofstra 9
125 Pat D`Arcy (Princeton) over Bryan Damon (Hofstra) Fall 5:25
133 Trey Aslanian (Princeton) by forfeit
141 Jamel Hudson (Hofstra) over Jordan Laster (Princeton) Dec 14-13
149 Mike D`Angelo (Princeton) over Ryan Burkert (Hofstra) Dec 3-2
157 Francesco Fabozzi (Princeton) over Jahlani Callender (Hofstra) Maj 11-3
165 Judd Ziegler (Princeton) over Bobby Fehr (Hofstra) Maj 16-5
174 Frank Affronti (Hofstra) over Jonathan Schleifer (Princeton) Dec 2-0
184 Abram Ayala (Princeton) over Cory Damiana (Hofstra) Maj 12-3
197 Brett Harner (Princeton) over Omar Haddad (Hofstra) Fall 1:14
285 Mike Hughes (Hofstra) over Ray O`Donnell (Princeton) Dec 4-2

Drexel 21, Northwestern 20
125 Zachary Fuentes (Drexel) over Garrison White (Northwestern) Dec 4-3
133 Dominick Malone (Northwestern) over David Pearce (Drexel) Dec 10-3
141 Jameson Oster (Northwestern) over Kevin Devoy (Drexel) Fall 2:53
149 Matthew Cimato (Drexel) over Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern) Dec 7-1
157 Bryce Brill (Northwestern) over Richard Viruet (Drexel) TF 18-2
165 Luke Norland (Northwestern) over Austin Rose (Drexel) SV-1 8-6
174 Mitch Sliga (Northwestern) over Nicholas Elmer (Drexel) SV-1 3-1
184 Stephen Loiseau (Drexel) over Regis Durbin (Northwestern) TF 19-0
197 Nezar Haddad (Drexel) oby forfeit
285 Joseph Goodhart (Drexel) over Conan Jennings (Northwestern) Dec 4-1
Most Bout Points to Drexel for 1 point

(Div. I) F&M 34, (Div. III) SUNY-Oswego 12
125 Edgar Garcia (Franklin & Marshall) over Jake Yankloski (Oswego) TF 17-2
133 Scott Stevens (Franklin & Marshall) over James Ronca (Oswego) Dec 6-1
141 Rick Durso (Franklin & Marshall) over Israel Segarra (Oswego) TF 20-2
149 Jason Bing (Franklin & Marshall) over Steven Culbert (Oswego) Fall 0:51
157 Andy Francos (Franklin & Marshall) over Tyler Silverthorn (Oswego) Dec 5-2
165 Gordon Bolig (Franklin & Marshall) over Anthony Pistone (Oswego) Fall 0:43
174 Jeff Lombardi (Oswego) by forfeit
184 Anthony Mancini (Franklin & Marshall) over Troy Seymour (Oswego) TB-1 2-1
197 Daniel Smith (Oswego) over Charles Kerkesner (Franklin & Marshall) Fall 2:30
285 Antonio Pelusi (Franklin & Marshall) over Kade Andrews (Oswego) Dec 3-1

No. 6 (Div. II) Pitt-Johnstown 21, George Mason 19
125 Evan Link (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) over Ibrahim Banduka (George Mason) Maj 15-3
133 Vince Rodriguez (George Mason) over Troy Dolan (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) Fall 0:56
141 Tejon Anthony (George Mason) over Sam Hanau (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) Dec 7-2
149 Travis Shaffer (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) over Konbeh Koroma (George Mason) TF 16-0
157 Gregory Flournoy (George Mason) over Lucas Palamides (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) Maj 14-3
165 Tyler Reinhart (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) over Patrick Davis (George Mason) Dec 7-1
174 Ryan Forrest (George Mason) over John Blankenship (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) Dec 1-1
184 Travis McKillop (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) over Luke Ludke (George Mason) Fall 0:48
197 Tyler Oliver (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) over cameron Houston (George Mason) Dec 8-7
285 Matt Voss (George Mason) over Josh Duplin (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) Dec 5-3

Northwestern 30, F&M 18
125 Garrison White (Northwestern) over Edgar Garcia (Franklin & Marshall) Dec 6-5
133 Dominick Malone (Northwestern) over Scott Stevens (Franklin & Marshall) Fall 0:56
141 Rick Durso (Franklin & Marshall) over Jameson Oster (Northwestern) Dec 5-4
149 Jason Bing (Franklin & Marshall) by forfeit
157 Bryce Brill (Northwestern) over Andy Francos (Franklin & Marshall) Fall 0:50
165 Luke Norland (Northwestern) over Gordon Bolig (Franklin & Marshall) Fall 4:08
174 Mitch Sliga (Northwestern) by forfeit
184 Regis Durbin (Northwestern) over Anthony Mancini (Franklin & Marshall) Dec 3-2
197 Charles Kerkesner (Franklin & Marshall) by forfeit
285 Antonio Pelusi (Franklin & Marshall) over Conan Jennings (Northwestern) Dec 3-2

All Other Dual Meets

No. 22 (Div. III) Wilkes 30, (Div. II) LIU Post 6
125 Michael Fleck (Wilkes) over Joe Paterno (LIU Post) Dec 8-4
133 Joseph Calderone (LIU Post) over Matthew Grossmann (Wilkes) Dec 5-4
141 Pankil Chandler (Wilkes) over Vincent Turano (LIU Post) Dec 5-2
149 Josh Evans (Wilkes) over TJ Fabian (LIU Post) Fall 4:02
157 Matt Langan (LIU Post) over James Palys (Wilkes) Dec 5-1
165 Nicholas Racanelli (Wilkes) over Eduardo Ramirez (LIU Post) Maj 14-3
174 James Ilvento (Wilkes) over Juan Diaz (LIU Post) SV-1 6-5
184 Kyle Diesel (Wilkes) over Ron King (LIU Post) Maj 14-0
197 Nicholas Dawson (Wilkes) over Jake Horton (LIU Post) Dec 3-2
285 Alex Pullen (Wilkes) over Monair McDonald (LIU Post) Maj 13-1

No. 12 (Div. III) Stevens Institute of Technology 28, No. 21 (Div. III) NYU 12
125 Rob Murray (Stevens Institute) over Wayne Yuan (New York Univ.) SV-2 7-0
133 Nathan Pike (New York Univ.) over Yoseph Borai (Stevens Institute) TF 17-1
141 Ryan Wilson (Stevens Institute) over Anthony Calvano (New York Univ.) Fall 0:56
149 Zach Wilhelm (Stevens Institute) over Ian Burke (New York Univ.) Dec 10-3
157 Raymond Jazikoff (New York Univ.) over Thomas Poklikuha (Stevens Institute) Dec 3-1
165 Colin Navickas (Stevens Institute) over Manuel Ramirez (New York Univ.) Maj 10-2
174 Phil Woods (Stevens Institute) over Gaaret Marinelli (New York Univ.) Dec 10-3
184 William Gockel - Figge (New York Univ.) over Danny Moore (Stevens Institute) Maj 14-5
197 AJ Kowal (Stevens Institute) over Paul Steinmetz (New York Univ.) Fall 3:47
285 Tyler Maher (Stevens Institute) over Santino Pelusi (New York Univ.) Dec 7-1

(Div. III) SUNY-Oswego 31, (Div. III) Muhlenburg 13
125 Jake Yankloski (Oswego) by forfeit
133 Patrick Sockler (Muhlenberg) over James Ronca (Oswego) Dec 8-6
141 Ben Peck (Muhlenberg) over Jon Ptacek (Oswego) Fall 0:59
149 Robert Armus (Muhlenberg) over Steven Culbert (Oswego) Maj 15-3
157 Tyler Silverthorn (Oswego) over Chayoot Chengsupanimit (Muhlenberg) Maj 11-3
165 Mark Milisci (Oswego) over Trott `Nelly` Montina (Muhlenberg) Dec 7-6
174 Michael Pistone (Oswego) over Gennaro Cerminara (Muhlenberg) Inj 6:18
184 Sean Maloney (Oswego) over Jake Gordon (Muhlenberg) Dec 5-1
197 Daniel Smith (Oswego) over Zach Goldrosen (Muhlenberg) Fall 2:15
285 Kade Andrews (Oswego) over Colin Cunningham (Muhlenberg) Dec 4-1

(NCWA) Penn State Club 43, (NCWA) Stony Brook 9
125 Double Forfeit
133 Matt Mennellu (Stony Brook) over Justin Tripoli (Pennsylvania State University) Dec 14-12
141 Patrick Passantino (Pennsylvania State University) by forfeit
149 TJ Nelson (Pennsylvania State University) over Josh Roiland (Stony Brook) Maj 12-4
157 Dan Ritz (Pennsylvania State University) over Jonathan Crespo (Stony Brook) Fall 5:39
165 Josh Hammaker (Pennsylvania State University) over Dennis Kropp (Stony Brook) Dec 7-3
174 Chris Williams (Pennsylvania State University) by forfeit
184 Paul Schoenberg (Pennsylvania State University) over Pete Alfano (Stony Brook) Fall 1:36
197 Ryan Ostir (Pennsylvania State University) by forfeit
235 Doug Thier (Pennsylvania State University) over Scott Dunkirk (Stony Brook) Fall 3:56
285 Conor Watson (Stony Brook) over Walter Ortiz (Pennsylvania State University) Inj 1:09

(NCWA) Farmingdale 27, (Div. III) Mt. St. Vincent 16
125 Stephen Carlo (Farmingdale) by forfeit
133 Connor Hay (Mt St Vincent) over Mike Ludwig (Farmingdale) Maj 10-0
141 Justin Boone (Farmingdale) over Christian Hilario (Mt St Vincent) TF 16-0
149 Jesus Flamenco (Farmingdale) over Vincent Lombardo (Mt St Vincent) Fall 1:54
157 Vincent Lombardo (Mt St Vincent) over Paul Capobianco (Farmingdale) Fall 1:32
165 Michael Illicete (Farmingdale) over Patrick Polintan (Mt St Vincent) Maj 19-8
174 Karl Schmitt (Mt St Vincent) over John Parkinson (Farmingdale) Fall 0:32
184 Clinton Boone (Farmingdale) over Adeshola Logunleko (Mt St Vincent) Dec 9-4
197 Scott Miller (Farmingdale) over Anthony Fontanello (Mt St Vincent) Dec 8-7

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