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Wayne Cavadi | NCAA.com | January 11, 2019

Here are the NCAA Division II wrestling programs with the most national championships

NCAA Division DII wrestling has long been a sport built on dynasties. Since Western State went back-to-back in the first two DII wrestling championship tournaments in 1963 and 1964, all but two programs have repeated at least once in the 56-year history of the event. Only Minnesota State in 1965 and San Francisco State in 1997 have one title to its names. 

Which dynasties brought in the most titles? Let’s take a look at the programs with the most championships in DII wrestling history. 

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8 — Cal Poly (1966, 1968-74)

Not only are the Mustangs tied for the most national championships in DII wrestling history, they also own the longest streak ever. Cal Poly was the team to beat for seven-consecutive seasons, defeating six different programs over that stretch.

8 — Cal State Bakersfield (1976-77, 1979-83, 1987)

Head coach Joey Seay had quite the stretch with the Roadrunners. Cal State Bakersfield finished national champion or runner up for nine consecutive seasons, winning five in a row from 1979 to 1983. T.J. Kerr took over after 1984 and got the Roadrunners back to the top one last time before they headed to Division I.

7 — Nebraska-Omaha (1991, 2004-06, 2009-11)

DII Wrestling Championships: UNO wins third title in a row

Mike Denney patiently waited a long time to become a wrestling coach icon. He waited 12 years in between his first and second title — with three national runners-up seasons — before winning six of the next seven and dominating the early 2000s. Sadly, when the Mavericks jumped to Division I, the wrestling program was discontinued. Their DII era of dominance, however, will never be forgotten.

7 — Central Oklahoma (1992-1995, 2002-03, 2007)

NCAA Photos Central Oklahoma has won three DII wrestling titles.

The Bronchos ran the 1990s in DII wrestling, finishing first or second every year from 1990 to 1996. David James etched his name in head coach history, winning four-straight titles between 1992 and 1995, before repeating again in the early 2000s. James retired in 2016 with 396 wins and an unreal .726 winning percentage.

4 — North Dakota State (1988, 1998, 2000-01)

The Bison liked to keep themselves relevant during their DII stay. North Dakota State spread the wealth, being the only program to win a national championship in the 1980s, 90s, and 2000s. Head coach Bucky Maughan was there for the entire ride, retiring in 2011.

Three’s a crowd: Four programs have won three national championships. SIU Edwardsville won three-straight from 1984 to 1986 before finishing runners-up in 1987. Portland State was one of the first national champions in 1967 before repeating 21 years later in 1989-90, the longest drought between titles. Nebraska-Kearney has been a steady force of late, first winning in 2008 before repeating in 2012 and 2013. St. Cloud State has won three of the last four titles and has four national runners-up this decade.

Nebraska-Kearney wins DII national title

Here is the complete list of DII wrestling national champions:

2018 St. Cloud State Steve Costanzo 91.5 Notre Dame (Ohio) 84 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
2017 Notre Dame (Ohio) Frank Romano 103.5 St. Cloud State 67 Birmingham, Ala.
2016 St. Cloud State Steve Costanzo 90 Notre Dame (Ohio) 82 Sioux Falls, S.D.
2015 St. Cloud State Steve Costanzo 84.5 Nebraska-Kearney 76.5 St. Louis
2014 Notre Dame (Ohio) Frank Romano 99.5 Nebraska-Kearney 64.5 Cleveland
2013 Nebraska-Kearney Marc Bauer 108 St. Cloud State 105 Birmingham, Ala.
2012 Nebraska-Kearney Marc Bauer 107 St. Cloud State 95 CSU-Pueblo
2011 Nebraska-Omaha Mike Denney 102.5 St. Cloud State 90.5 Nebraska-Kearney
2010 Nebraska-Omaha Mike Denney 131 Augustana (S.D.) 72 Nebraska-Omaha
2009 Nebraska-Omaha Mike Denney 146.5 Newberry 80.5 Houston
2008 Nebraska-Kearney Marc Bauer 109.5 Minnesota State-Mankato 108 Upper Iowa
2007 Central Oklahoma David James 124.5 Nebraska-Kearney 108.5 Nebraska-Kearney
2006 Nebraska-Omaha Mike Denney 117 Nebraska-Kearney 98.5 Findlay
2005 Nebraska-Omaha Mike Denney 109.5 Augustana (S.D.) 101 Nebraska-Omaha
2004 Nebraska-Omaha Mike Denney 97.5 North Dakota State 95 Minnesota State-Mankato
2003 Central Oklahoma David James 87.5 Nebraska-Kearney 73.5 Wheeling, W.Va.
2002 Central Oklahoma David James 126 North Dakota State 116.5 Wisconsin-Parkside
2001 North Dakota State Bucky Maughan 98.5 South Dakota State 91 Northern Colorado
2000 North Dakota State Bucky Maughan 91.5 Central Oklahoma 75 South Dakota State
1999 Pittsburgh-Johnstown Pat Pecora 110 Nebraska-Omaha 105.5 Nebraska-Omaha
1998 North Dakota State Bucky Maughan 112 South Dakota State 78 CSU-Pueblo
1997 San Francisco State Lars Jensen 95 Nebraska-Omaha 81 North Dakota State
1996 Pittsburgh-Johnstown Pat Pecora 86.5 Central Oklahoma 81.5 Northern Colorado
1995 Central Oklahoma David James 148 Nebraska-Omaha 103 Nebraska-Kearney
1994 Central Oklahoma David James 127.24 Minnesota State-Mankato 65.5 CSU-Pueblo
1993 Central Oklahoma David James 108.5 Nebraska-Omaha 68 South Dakota State
1992 Central Oklahoma David James 91.5 North Dakota State/Portland State 78.5 Northern Colorado
1991 Nebraska-Omaha Mike Denney 79.5 Central Oklahoma 64 North Dakota State
1990 Portland State Marlin Grahn 100.75 Central Oklahoma 96 Wisconsin-Parkside
1989 Portland State Marlin Grahn 102.5 Ferris State 56.25 California (Pa.)
1988 North Dakota State Bucky Maughan 99 Nebraska-Omaha 81.75 Nebraska-Omaha
1987 Cal State Bakersfield T.J. Kerr 90.5 SIU Edwardsville 69.5 SIU Edwardsville
1986 SIU Edwardsville Larry Kristoff 110 Edinboro 106.5 SIU Edwardsville
1985 SIU Edwardsville Larry Kristoff 132.75 Nebraska-Omaha 84.25 Wright State
1984 SIU Edwardsville Larry Kristoff 141.5 Cal State Bakersfield 93 Morgan state
1983 Cal State Bakersfield Joe Seay 107.5 North Dakota State 103.75 North Dakota State
1982 Cal State Bakersfield Joe Seay 166.5 North Dakota State 78.75 Wisconsin-Parkside
1981 Cal State Bakersfield Joe Seay 144.5 Eastern Illinois 98 UC Davis
1980 Cal State Bakersfield Joe Seay 110.5 UNI 89 Nebraska-Omaha
1979 Cal State Bakersfield Joe Seay 112.75 Eastern Illinois 112.5 South Dakota State
1978 UNI Chuck Patten 124 Cal State Bakersfield 100.5 UNI
1977 Cal State Bakersfield Joe Seay 107.25 Augustana (S.D.) 78 UNI
1976 Cal State Bakersfield Joe Seay 92.5 Chattanooga 88.25 North Dakota State
1975 UNI Chuck Patten 112 SIU Edwardsville 71.5 East Stroudsburg
1974 Cal Poly Vaughan Hitchcock 131.5 UNI 95.5 Cal State Fullerton
1973 Cal Poly Vaughan Hitchcock 109 Clarion 80 South Dakota State
1972 Cal Poly Vaughan Hitchcock 94 South Dakota State/UNI 64.5 Oswego State
1971 Cal Poly Vaughan Hitchcock 118 Slippery Rock 58 North Dakota State
1970 Cal Poly Vaughan Hitchcock 82 UNI 58 Ashland
1969 Cal Poly Vaughan Hitchcock 127 Northern Colorado 81 Cal Poly
1968 Cal Poly Vaughan Hitchcock 91 Portland State 62 Minnesota State-Mankato
1967 Portland State Howard Westcott 86 Minnesota State-Mankato 57 Wilkes
1966 Cal Poly Vaughan Hitchcock 55 Wilkes 51 Minnesota State-Mankato
1965 Minnesota State-Mankato Rummy Macias 57 Cal Poly 54 Colorado Mines
1964 Western State Tracey Borah 51 Colorado Mines 49 UNI
1963 Western State Tracey Borah 62 Southern Illinois 57 UNI
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