NCAA East Preliminary Round

Hodges Stadium, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL | May 28-30, 2015

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Heat 1   

Men 400 Meter Dash (1st Round)1

College Best Quincy Watts - USC44.006/6/1992

6 Heats. Advance top 3 from each heat plus next 6 times to qtr.

15229Michael CherryFlorida State45.99 Q
211715Ceo WaysNorth Carolina46.12 Q
310564Alfred LarryMiss State46.21 Q
46898Derrick MorganIndiana46.38
511076Joel RobersonMorgan State46.99
612662Champ PageOhio State47.02
76393Jamael McTearGrambling47.12
81007Jason TomlinsonAlbany47.14

Men 400 Meter Dash

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